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Speaking of online gambling it is necessary to refer to the most popular casino games among players. As in gaming establishments, the list is led by poker, blackjack, and roulette. In its different forms. Also not far behind are the popular slot machines and craps for those who prefer craps in casino games.

In this short guide, you will find more information regarding these popular online casino games, how they work, their basic rules and variations. You can also visit OCBB to learn about online casino games. All this will be very useful when entering a betting site.

Best Online Casino Games – Which Are The Most Popular?

Black Jack

casino games this casino game has become popular as the “twenty-one” in Spanish, especially in Latin countries. It is a very exciting game and one of the best to play where the player’s objective is to get 21 points. By adding the values ​​of your cards – or a very close value – before the dealer does, without going over. Basically, all players go against the bench.

As with the roulette casino games, there are two modes available in blackjack: the American version and the European version in casinos. In general, the dissimilarities between the two are very small, making both equally popular. In both, a semi-circular table is maintained, where the players are located (a maximum of seven is accepted). And in front of them is the dealer.

The basic rules of this game are very simple: all the cards maintain the values ​​of their numbers, while the figures have a value of 10. The A is the most peculiar card in the game since it can be valued as a 1 or an 11 according to the needs of the player. In this way, he becomes a true ace up his sleeve.

Players must designate what their initial bet will be before starting to play. So that the dealer then deals an open card to each one, including himself. From this moment on, the player to the left of the dealer will be able to make his hand. At that time you have the opportunity to ask for a card, stand, double the bet, separate, etc.

Blackjack is one of the highly sought after games in real game houses, and it is not far behind anywhere, either. Online Casino Games, those who prefer this experience can access the live mode of their favourite Casino games.

Casino roulette, an opportunity online casino games

It does not matter if you prefer the American version or the European roulette, this is undoubtedly the great queen of the casino to play. In this opportunity, the great objective of the player is to predict which will be the square of the wheel where the ball will fall.

This roulette game has different versions to play, the most popular being the European version. This represents the game in its basic and original form, being well known in the countries of the region. Upon arrival in America, the game underwent slight modifications, in which a new slot was assigned to roulette.

In American roulette, the house has a greater probability of keeping the bets, since 2 of the 38 squares correspond to it (zero and double zero). Even with this, this version has become very popular, especially in America and neighbouring countries. No matter which model is chosen, there is no doubt that it is one of the most entertaining and exciting casino games that can be found on any gambling site.

The game is very simple and that is why it is so popular. The player must simply choose the type of bet to be made (which can be single or combined) and depending on the number of squares it covers, it will be his or her win in case of success. This is one of the most pleasant casino games in its versions of online casinos, and also in the live modalities with very entertaining real dealers and many possibilities to win.

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The quintessential casino game. Poker accumulates many years of history in humanity, becoming increasingly recognized throughout the world. The most interesting thing about this particular casino game is that not everything depends on chance, but it is necessary to think and develop strategies to win.

On any online site, it is possible to find multiple poker games, in which you can practice in order to gain experience before betting real money. In casino games like roulette or slots, practice is not as important as long as the types of bets are handled, but in poker it is.

The winner of this game is defined by the best card combination on the table. Prior to this, an initial bid or bet is made, and the person who is the winner takes all of it.

The possible combinations for the cards are the royal flush of colour, the flush colour, full, colour, straight, trio, pairs, double pairs and high card.

In terms of game strategies, the bettor can choose to call or raise the bet, fold, or bet all the chips available to them. This will depend on what you want to achieve in the game, whether it is giving more value to the bet, protecting the hand, getting information from the rest of the players (by observing the subsequent movements) or deceiving them.

In online versions, this may be more limited, although all the mentioned modalities can be run on any betting site. Therefore, one of the best alternatives is video poker from a live game.

Slot machines

slot machines

Slot machines or the ones also known as slots, they are one of the most requested casino gaming machines in houses around the world. Slots are particularly popular in Colombia, as many of these slot machines are available in various establishments throughout the country (casino, lottery sites, etc.).

This has not been a limitation for online versions of slot machines to become very popular, quite the contrary. The player must simply select the value of the bet and the figure or number to bet on (depending on the version of the coins the figures in the boxes will vary).

In order to use these slot machines effectively, it is important to know some basic aspects of the jackpot, since this is the main attraction that many of them offer. This metallic pre-appeal is obtained through these slot machines, either in the normal or progressive games mode.

The jackpot is usually won when you hit a line of identical symbols on the wheel. If played in a progressive way, it allows increasing the bet more and more as real money and people are incorporated into the game. The best thing about slot machines is that you can start playing once the bet has reached a significant amount.


Another of the casino games most requested by Colombians is that it is undoubtedly one of the simplest and most entertaining casino games among all the casino options. The rules are very simple, so anyone will be able to play it (either on a traditional site or in an online casino).

The player will receive a minimum of one cardboard, although this will depend on the quantity he wishes to buy. In the American version of the game, there are 75 squares to fill, since the cardboard is divided into a 5 × 5 grid.

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As the numbers are announced – or released in the online version – the participant will cover the boxes on their cardboard. As soon as one of the winning patterns forms, the game ends.

The accepted patterns will depend on the particular rules of each developer and betting site. For this reason, the main strategy to consider –at least in a real betting site- in this game is to know all the accepted combinations, so that the participant remains attentive and does not miss the opportunities to win. In web simulators, this is not necessary since most programs announce when they have won.

The Craps

casino games

For those who enjoy easy and very fun casino games (like roulette) then going for craps is also a great alternative with the craps or English pass. This game hardly requires two dice and it is also very easy to play: the task of the bettor is to predict the values ​​thrown by both.

As in roulette, here the bets go against the bank. The shooter is in charge of rolling the dice, while in online casino games it is performed by the emulator. The game begins with the tee shot, in which he makes the “pass line”, that is, the first bet. What is sought in it is to obtain a seven or eleven among the dice, since otherwise the bet is lost?

In case the player wishes to continue playing, he must go to a second round and bet again. You can access the opposite bet to the pass line – called “no pass bar” – where you are looking for just the opposite results.

Despite being the two most popular modalities, these are not the only types of bets. The winnings will depend on the type of bet and the number of rounds, and it will also be different if you bet on a single shot.

Craps have become very popular in recent years in casino games, especially in these online casinos. It is easy, fast and fun.


Another of the most recognized options is baccarat, one of the casino games that were little accessible to everyone until its recent online appearance. It is an interesting game, historically associated with the most elegant within bookmakers.

It is played with a maximum of fifteen people. Each of them makes a bet and then the dealer deals the cards, including a deck for the “house” and the “player”, two basically fictitious participants. The object of the game is to guess who will win the hand before the deal takes place.

This game has some similarities to blackjack since it is defined with that set of faces that total nine or close to this number. In this game, the figures are worth zero and the aces have no value.


This game is nothing else but a variation of traditional bingo. Its popularity has been so great in some regions of the world, that it has even been developed in the area of ​​the televised lottery in some countries.

The game also came to the internet to stay. The cardboard (represented by a card with 80 numbers) is very similar to that of bingo. The variation of the game is in the draw mode since the user must choose the numbers -or spots- he wants to bet on. The limit of these is usually 15. It is a highly requested game in the world of casino games.

In traditional houses, a ping pong ball vacuum machine with numbers on its surface is used to extract one by one. For their part, these come out randomly by software action when playing Keno on an online casino site.

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Welcome bonuses

Regardless of the game of your choice in casino games, all of them allow players access in three modes: totally free (generally in the game demo), through a deposit, and using the bonus of welcome that the game operator maintains.

Basically, as long as the bank is kept with money, the player can bet on any of the options. The pages keep the payment and deposit forms approved for their clients, so this is not modified in any way by the type of game they are aimed at or in which the profit has been produced.

Live online casino games

Online casinos had only one disadvantage compared to physical houses: they in no way equated the exciting and vivid experience. For this reason, the developers proposed a new alternative, and it is none other than creating live online casino games.

This modality is not available for all casino games, but can normally be found in those most popular within traditional houses (such as poker and online roulette).

Playing is very simple: the user must access the site and online casino games of their choice normally and then select the live option. Depending on the chosen game you will have the opportunity to share with other players and view the action of real dealers through a high-resolution video.

Where to access online casino casino games?

Initially, these casino games were developed for the great world that the web represents and this has been maintained until today. Users can access the betting site of their favourite operator, select a game, a modality, the value of their bet and voila.

However, with the appearance of a great diversity of electronic devices, expansion became necessary. It is in this way that the first applications for mobiles and tablets arrive, available for both the Android and iOS systems.

Of course, there are still many betting sites in Colombia for online casino games that do not have their respective app. They have gradually incorporated them, knowing that it is a basic requirement in these days when people do everything they need via mobile.

Beyond that, the elemental criterion when choosing a casino gaming site to bet on is to consider the privacy conditions and the software’s legality policy. Colombia has taken charge of regulating every online gambling site in Spanish that operates in the nation, in order to combat illicit gambling.

Before registering, depositing bonuses or gambling, be sure of the reliability of your chosen online casino site. In this way you will be able to access one of the best operators without even noticing it

Enter a totally free casino: how to play free games in an online casino?

One of the biggest advantages of online games is the possibility of playing for free online, that is, without gambling. To gain experience on any given day the casino games mentioned above, the best thing you can do is to put this strategy into practice, since it does not put any amount of real money at risk.

They can play as many times as they want without spending real money. But the winnings are not real and you cannot win real money. They can play many free casino games such as slot machines, slots, roulette and many more casino games like these for free.

Free casino games have become as popular as the bonuses that these casino gaming sites offer, as they represent one of the best ways to learn and have fun without gambling.

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