Android Simulation Games You Can’t Miss   

If you are a new smartphone user and looking for an easy to play game category full of entertainment then you must try the simulation games category on your smartphone and tablet from any official app store or third-party website for free.

In the simulation game category, players will also get multiple sub-genres according to different real-world situations. These real-world sub-genre help players to perform all those real-life activities virtually through their smartphones which they are unable to do in real life.

There are tons of sub simulation genres like life sims, Cooking Sim, Farming Sim, Driving, City Builder, and many more different jobs and situation which you will know after reading this article. Where we have tried to mention top simulation games here in this article from different sub-sim genres.

These sim games are loved by players of all age groups and gender due to their fascinating gaming experience and environment. Besides being the most expensive game, genre sim games are still popular among video game players and listed among the most widely playing game genre.

If you want to become a truck driver or want to build your city or try to do something else then you must try a simulation game that will allow you to perform all those jobs and real-life situations virtual through different gaming devices for free.

Android Simulation Games

Like other game categories simulation game category also has both free and premium features and modes. In the free version, players will get only limited features and game modes. To access the whole game story and modes players have to unlock the premium version of the game by paying real money or completing certain tasks and missions in the game.

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What Android Simulation Games?

As mentioned above it is one of the popular and widely played game genres where players get the chance to perform different real-world situations virtually through their smartphone and tablet which they are unable to perform in real life.

Friendly saying regular video game players don’t need any introduction about sim games which have to bring elution in the game industry because of their best sound quality, storyline, graphics and also due to thrilling game experience.

In this article, we have to try to mention top simulation games with thrilling experiences from different sub-genres of simulator game categories. So that players enjoy playing the best sim games on their devices in their free time.

Top Android Simulation Games for Smartphone Users in 2022

We have chosen the best simulation games below for android users which provide players real fun in the virtual world on your smartphone in 2022. The below-mentioned games are based on players’ reviews and ratings.

Big City Life Simulator Game

This is a new life simulation game that provides players to explore the city and also perform different duties and activities to earn money which they can easily use to unlock premium features in the game. Apart from doing different jobs players will also get different tasks and missions in the game which also helps them to earn gems in the game too.

Mobile Android Simulation Games

Bridge Construction Simulator Game

This is a new virtual engineering game in which players get a chance to make a bridge using different engineering tools and features. Players get a chance to make a bridge in different locations like cities, mountains, valleys, and many more locations which they will know after playing this new game.

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Indonesian Train Simulator Game

This is a new railway simulation game for android users which allow players to drive train on various tracks and paths across Indonesia with different stations which users will get in the real world.

The Escapist 2 Simulator Game

As the name indicate it is the new and latest escape simulator game in which players have to escape from different prisons using different strategy and skills. Players will get to the most dangerous prison in this game where escape is not easy.

Players will get almost all official sim games on both official websites and official app stores on the internet. If any player doesn’t get a download link of the above-mentioned sim games on official app stores, then they should try any third-party website.

One thing always remember while downloading any android app or game from a third-party website you need to allow permissions and also need to enable unknown sources from security settings. Once installing the game successfully now follow other important procedures to start playing your desired sim game.

Final Words

Android Simulation Games are simple android games that allow users to fulfill their desired job which they are unable to perform in the real world virtually through sim games for free. If you dream to become a pilot or anything else then try sim games and also share the simulation game category with other video game players so that more players will enjoy their dream job virtually from their smartphones and tablet.


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