5 Reasons to Have Betting Apps if You Bet Online 

In today’s online world, more and more Indians have started to bet online. One of the other reasons behind the surge of online betting is the legalization of gambling in India. 

Gambling in public gambling houses is prohibited in India and hence Indians have chosen the alternative to bet online while not breaking any rules. 

This leads to many global bookmakers to provide the online betting services in India. It is estimated that the Indian gambling market has a total annual revenue of around US$60 billion each year.

While online betting through the websites is convenient, installing and using the betting apps in your phone is a whole new experience. 

Here are the top 5 reasons why you should have betting apps installed if you are an online bettor. 

Reasons to Use the Betting Apps 



There would hardly be someone who steps out of the house without their mobile phone. Getting access to online betting on the smartphone is one of the best features for the players. It enables the players to bet anytime they want and not wait for the bigger screen. 

The betting apps are designed in a way that it becomes easier for the player to find features on a professionally designed app rather than looking for them on the browser.

One-click on the icon of the best betting app in India and the players can get the convenience to bet anytime and anywhere they want.  

Better User Experience 

Compared to using the websites or mobile sites for online betting, betting apps tend to give a better user experience. 

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Betting apps have minimalistic design and allows the players to make some personalisations. Some betting apps allow you to customize the widgets on the dashboard, set custom notifications and rules for the ease of the players. 

All the functions are set in the betting apps so you can check odds, place bets, make payments all through a single betting interface.


A benefit of using the online betting apps is safety. Most of the betting apps are licensed and regulated by global betting regulators. Also if the betting app is downloaded from the official bookmaker website or trusted sources like India then there would be no potential harm of viruses or scam downloads as well.  

Almost all the betting apps use secure transaction and third party payments services making your financial risks to minimal. 

Lower Data Requirements

To load the pages with heavy data on the websites, players need a strong bandwidth of the internet. But with the betting apps, operating the pages in a slower connection is possible. 

Also the cafes or public places or malls can get you the access to the public WiFis which can be a great alternative to place the bets on the go.        

Easy Login Functionalities   

Who has time to enter username and password each time to place the bets? Many betting apps come with the advanced features to stay logged in and login via fingerprint. 

Players don’t need to remember the passwords to login each time but can just set up the fingerprint once and use it to login every time to the app. 

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The Conclusion

As per Deloitte reports, India is expected to have 1 billion smartphone users by 2026. With the rise of mobile users in India, the growth of players using betting apps will also increase. 

The betting apps are available for both the android and iOS devices and it eases the online betting process for the players. 

Betting apps help to stay updated, bet on the go anytime and carry the mobile betting experience to a next level. 


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