4 Popular Myths About Mobile App Development

Today, consumers are increasingly adopting mobile phones as a means to search, research, navigate and shop. Companies have realized that they need to always be with customers and many of them are already implementing mobile app development in their sales strategy. However, some companies that have just started are still not sure if focusing on mobile devices is a good idea.

Today we will talk about some myths associated with the development of mobile applications. As companies recognize the merits that mobile app development offer, they are adding to the cart of having their own application.

But the real problem here is that we are facing a relatively new field, the development of mobile applications is still surrounded by much misinformation, preconceived notions and unnecessary stereotypes, and today we are here to destroy them all. For companies, these misconceptions can have very serious consequences. Their situation can get worse, from complicating a simple development project to wasting hundreds and thousands of euros.

Mobile App development

The 4 Myths Of Mobile App Development

Myth 1

All the details of a mobile app should be discussed at the beginning.


Clients doubt when hiring mobile development companies because they have the misconception that every detail of the development process must be discussed before development begins.

The truth is that it is quite the opposite, programmers have creative minds and can help customers fill in the gaps that are not yet clear. The application development strategy is what can be decided before. Even if the customer discusses basic requirements and business objectives, mobile application developers can easily create unique applications and wireframes that accurately meet customer requirements and definitely attract the target audience.

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Myth 2

The misconception of the time and price that a mobile application costs


Many people believe that mobile application development is a simple process and, therefore, an application can be created in a few days. Is not true! I must even say that the process of mobile application development is not a short-term objective, but that it is a continuous process that definitely needs an infallible mobile strategy. Asking for high-level budgets from the beginning helps you get current estimates of time and effort.

Myth 3

Correlation between the physical size of the mobile application with the development time:


Many people make the mistake of relating the physical size of the mobile application with the speed and cost of development. They believe that because a mobile application is small, such as single-screen applications, it should be easy to create. Right? Well that’s not true

These types of applications generally take time to create, many hours must be dedicated and this will be reflected in the price. Even a single integration of third-party plugins/plugins could be enough to consume days and weeks of development.

Myth 4

A visually appealing application gets a 5-star rating in the app store.


Definitely, an application with good design certainly helps to obtain a five-star rating in the app store. However, this does not mean that it is the only thing that influences when qualifying. The application must be scalable and robust in terms of performance. An application without problems, or strange bugs, which is fluid also contributes greatly to improving the qualification of an application

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