Google Go, The Reduced Version Of Chrome

Google has launched the Google Go application worldwide, a reduced version of its search engine that allows you to access information quickly taking up less storage space.

What is the latest news from Google? Are you one of those who usually read articles and news in the company’s search engine? The tech giant has just launched Google Go, a reduced or Lite version of its search engine that will save 40% of mobile data, as announced in a statement.

Google Go is a light and fast app to access information even when the connection is unstable and its download is now available worldwide.

The application was already available on some Android devices since 2017 but it was gaining popularity among users thanks to functions such as reading text aloud. Now it is available to all users and only occupies 7 MB of storage on your device.

google go

Text translation in images

One of the main functions of Google, in addition to quick searches on the Internet and creating shortcuts, is the translation of texts into images thanks to the use of Google Lens. This functionality was presented at the Google I / O event held last May and the translation can be text to text or text to audio.

Google takes up less space on the device and prevents irregular connections. In fact, “if you lose connectivity when using the application, it will remember your place and even retrieve your search results once you are back online.” Its purpose is to replace Chrome on devices with less power.

Easily switch between languages. Set a second language to switch your search results to or from at any time. Whatever you are looking for on the internet, Google makes it fast and easy for you to find!

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Find web pages, images, and more from the Google Go app. Google Go is streamlined so it works quickly on a variety of devices and internet connections.


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