4 Sales Strategies that will help you become the top earner in your field

Never has it been easier to put your message out to your target audience. But with this boon arrives an equally ominous challenge, one that will hold your business down in the tranches of frustration. What is this stumbling block?


An average person is exposed to 4000 advertising messages in a day.

How many messages do you think stick with him?

Maybe one, maybe even two.

But it’s the one message that makes itself completely relevant to the customer and also drills credibility into his head – that comes out as a winner.

Listen up close,

 What the writer is about to reveal to you, are a few key principles to ground your sales strategies within to maximize your ad dollars

The 4 Key Principles to a Successful sales strategies that helps you become the top earner in your field

Disqualify don’t convince

The most important principle that will help you save hours of your time and is guaranteed to keep frustration at bay is…

Don’t convince – disqualify

What do I mean by that?

You see when one generates a pool of leads, one has to be mentally prepared to convert just 20% of those leads right now.

20% after 6 months.

20% after a year.

This means you must be patient and not get needy while selling.

Don’t think of it as sales but think of it as a consultation

You are a consultant, not a salesman, looking to help folks to the best of your ability.

Consultation means first diagnosing a problem.

Without diagnosing a problem a doctor cannot cure a patient and neither can a salesman close the deal…

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So the salesman has to spend a good amount of time in silence as he practices the art of disqualification.

Once you have a qualified a lead pool, get into follow-ups

Use the right bait

When a fisherman prepares to set out for his day, he spends a good amount of time baiting his hook with yummy worms that will attract fishes?

As a salesman, this is called the bait that draws qualified traffic into your funnel.

The best sales strategy is outlined below

  1. Write a 30-page report around your offering
  2. Create a landing page and an opt-in form
  3. Call and close prospects who downloaded your report

Copy-write your way to success

Copy of cash words is one of the few high-income skills that a very small percentage of salespeople are adept at.

Just arranging a few words in the right order will give you a huge boost in sales.

Don’t believe me?

Well let’s look at the power of words

“Johnny got bitten by the dog”

“Johnny bit the dog”

You see what a difference it makes

In sentence one Johnny was bitten by a dog, which makes us feel bad for Johnny.

In the second sentence, Johnny bit the dog, which makes us question Johnny’s mental wellness.

Simply learning how to arrange words in the right manner will yield responses from cold emails.

Kaizen – Grow or die

Kaizen is a business philosophy that refers to constant growth and improvement in the long term assisted by massive short term action.

Setting out to become the top earner in your field requires a growth mindset.

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Adopting the Kaizen philosophy would mean, telling yourself that “All you need to do is get a little better today”.

In the dopamine fuelled world of instant validation, those who adopt the Kaizen approach to sales will come out as winners because they choose to go long when everyone else was trying to maximize the short term


Success at sales means you have to be as patient as a Bamboo plant.

Why do I refer to a Bamboo plant? A bamboo plant doesn’t grow much for the first five years, but at the end of the fifth year, it shoots up to nine feet in height. Why does it take so long?

Because it spent the first five years strengthening its roots.

You need to do that, strengthen your principles, try different techniques and sales strategies, commit to learning and you will soon be the top earner in your field.


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