Do You Know How Auto Dialers Work?

Telemarketing companies often use auto dialers to ensure that they can contact more potential customers in one day. Auto dialers or automatic dialers are one type of computer telephone integration that uses a unique software, modem, and a computer that they can program to automatically dial a prepared list of phone numbers from a database.

Some tools are more sophisticated and can detect if a live person answers the call. The program will send the call to a human agent if this happens. The user can also program the computer to play a recorded message, provide a menu of various options, or leave a message on the called party’s answering machine.

An auto phone dialer is efficient and an essential tool for many BPO companies and other organizations. However, are auto dialers difficult to set up? How does it work, and what are the options that you need to consider if you need one?  

Auto dialers

The technology of an auto dialer

The price of an auto dialer depends on the features you need and the number of seats you have in your call center. The basic system setup is as follows:

  • Desktop computer
  • Voice modem
  • Auto dialing software
  • Active phone line/s

The voice modem allows the computer to record or play audio over a phone line. However, you can only connect one voice modem to one phone line. In a call center setting, agents should have their own telephone and a headset. The auto dialing software directs the computer on which numbers to call and how to respond to specific situations.

The program has voice detection technology to differentiate between a human voice and an answering machine. If no one picks up the phone after 25 seconds or four rings, an answering machine will probably answer. When someone answers the call, the auto dialer measures the length of the first words the called party speaks, allowing the software to determine if the person at the other end of the line is human or not.

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In a telemarketing call, there is usually a short pause. This pause gives the software the time to decide whether the party who answered the call is a human or an answering machine. Then, it will choose to play a recorded message or transfer the call to a live agent.

Predictive dialer

One of the exciting innovations in auto dialers is predictive dialing, which is very useful in large call center settings where agents make calls simultaneously. A predictive dialer has a complex algorithm that anticipates when an agent is free to take the next call. The program can analyze these factors:

  • Number of calls answered by humans
  • Number of calls answered by machines
  • Number of calls with busy signals or unanswered
  • Length of call answered by a human

The predictive software uses the data to calculate the time it can dial a new number to maximize the time live agents spend talking to prospective consumers.

You will find several auto dialers with different features. Pick the program that offers the most efficient functions that will improve and boost the services of your company.


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