What Are the Benefits of Rich Media for Brands?

Rich media ads have not been around for a very long time, but recently they are becoming all the rage. These are very popular online mediums that can increase conversions and outreach through greater interaction. 

For those who have not heard of rich media before, it is a form of media that includes different types of interactive digital features, including video, audio, and photos. They are unlike the traditional advertisements we see because they are not static and are more likely to catch one’s attention. 

Brands love rich media advertisements and typically get them made through a programmatic advertising company specializing in creating such interactive media. They love it because of the number of benefits rich media offers to brands. In this article, we’ll be doing a thorough rundown of what these are.

Benefits of Rich Media for Brands 

There are barely any downsides to rich media advertisements for brands. Due to the following benefits, more brands are investing in rich media:

Benefits of rich media ads

1. Increased Customer Engagement

Compared to traditional media, with rich media ads, you are more likely to catch customers’ attention because of the vivid, unique, and move animations typically used in them. Moreover, customers are also likely to remember the brand which used rich media ads because of how it stands out. 

2. More Creative

With rich media ads, you can be as creative as possible. Marketers can really tap into their creativity and push all boundaries, especially if they are taking the aid of professional digital advertising companies. These tend to offer a myriad of display ad options that are customizable and highly interactive.  

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3. You Get More Space

In the past, with traditional static media, brands did not get enough space to display their media. However, with rich media ads, this is not the case. No matter what device the customers are using, rich media allows for larger screen displays. You can easily display photos, play embedded videos, and audios on a much bigger platform, making it easier to engage with customers as well.

4. Greater Likelihood of Conversions

There is no doubt that rich media definitely outperforms the traditional form of media in terms of click-through ads by customers. In other words, viewers are more likely to convert into customers or take some kind of action in rich media as compared to the traditional media. This comes as no surprise because when you create an ad that customers will want to play with, you are bound to get more clicks.

5. Increase Brand Awareness

Some customers don’t even notice the brand in traditional media ads, but this is not the case with rich media. With this, customers and viewers are more likely to remember your advertisement and brand. This is because your ads are likely to be much more fun, engaging, unique, and enjoyable. When customers pay this much attention to your ads, they will also more likely remember your brand. 

6. Ideal for Audiences with Short Attention Spans

With so much to look and go through on the internet, the attention spans of individuals continue to decrease. Marketers can tackle this issue with the help of exciting and immersive rich media ads created through a digital advertising company. These ads won’t just catch one’s eyes. It will also keep them engaged throughout the advertisement. 

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7. Provides Greater Insight to What Customers Want

With static ads, you could generate much less insight into what customers preferred and what piqued their interests. This is not the case with rich media because it offers a host of ways to measure scalability and reach. With traditional media, all you got to measure behavior was the amount of click-through rate. But due to the various types of interaction, such as playing through videos, brands can get insight into customer behavior.

8. Can Include Video 

By now, this one is an obvious benefit of rich media. Videos are quickly becoming a popular and helpful marketing medium for brands, thanks to Youtube and other video-playing apps. You can utilize videos in your rich media to take advantage of this.

9. Happier Customers 

Lastly, rich media allows your customers to be happier. This is because of the high level of engagement, which helps them relate to the brand and feel noticed. It also allows for a smooth user experience for them. 

Final Words 

In a world where advertisements have taken over media and a high level of competition, rich media can give brands a unique edge over others. If you are a brand owner looking to take advantage of this type of media and gain the upper hand over your competitors, don’t hesitate to reach out to us at PadSquad. We offer a host of innovative and interactive designs to help you effectively engage with our customers. Visit our website to find out more! 


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