Which Razer Laptop Should I Buy?

When you are an epic gamer or an art lover, you should also have a device for the same. So, you have simply landed on the right blog to know which Razer laptop you must buy. Consider the multiple choices mentioned below for various artistic and gaming needs to be fulfilled from now onwards.

1. NVIDIA RTX Studio Laptops

This is one of the finest range of Razer Laptops with three months of Adobe Creative Cloud associated with the product. This cloud is worth $238. So, this offer can be for the new or the existing users that already have an account on Adobe.

These NVIDIA RTX Studio laptops are great for those gamers or developers who are looking for top-notch creative support. This is justified by the existing GPU acceleration, increased performance, and endless support for the Adobe apps to run.

These laptops are more or less enabled with 30 Adobe apps. So, the creativity will be at your beck and call. You know how to edit movies, pictures, software, apps, and much more.

So, if you are a curious mind, you can become a world-class gamer, movie maker, director, filmmaker, photographer, and much more using these laptops.

In fact, Nvidia RTX laptops have around 100 GB storage, facility of opening your own Adobe website as a portfolio of your own published work using the Adobe apps, ability to share/edit/store files on Creative Cloud, and unlimited fonts to use for the typography tasks.

2. Razer Blade 15

This Razor laptop selling on is one of the advanced with the latest Windows 10 operating system and a massive 512 GB of SSD. So, the processing speed of this laptop is obviously beyond expectations.

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It has a dual-channel to store the memory, which is a bifurcation of two 8 GB DDR4 drives. So, you can know how much to store in each section. In short, this laptop is best for those who are using online or cloud services more rather than depending upon the internal storage of the laptop itself.

It is equally justified given the massive high processing speed and NVIDIA GeForce RTX graphic card. Its display is easily mentioned, which is, of course, 15 inches with a full HD screen having factory calibrated and 100 % sRGB system for the resolution.

In short, whenever you are browsing the net, especially the high-resolution websites, that might be mostly gaming or entertainment websites, then you wouldn’t face any issue regarding the color or the quality while purchasing a laptop.

Its weight is also only about 2 kg, as it has a white body with black-coloured USB ports. So, it can give out a sleek look to the digital nomads or those who are entrepreneurs as well.

The battery back up of this laptop is around 6 hours, which is enough for you to work or play when you are roaming outside or are on the road. That means when you are travelling, even then, you can stay connected to your regular workflow or gaming and entertainment needs without taking a pause.

3. Razer Blade Stealth 13

It is a very famous and dependable laptop which the official website has to offer. That is because of the Quad-Core processor and 512 GB normal hard disk storage. It has a perfect 4.9mm slim Bezel display, which is best for modern gamers or online users.

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Its keyboard is another attraction. It is totally black, which highlights when the light outside is dim. So, if you are habitual of working late at night or in low lights, then this laptop wouldn’t let you feel distressed at any point in time.

It has a perfect Anodized finishing to its body in black. The entire frame of this laptop gives out a bold look. This laptop has various customizations which you can tweak accordingly to your need while booking.

In short, you can choose the type of Graphic card you want out of the given four choices currently, and even check which combination of Display & Processor do you want out of the given two choices.

One such combination that you get on has full HD mode with Intel i7’s 10th generation, whereas, the other combination gives you 4K touch display with the same configuration of the processor.

So, if you want to watch 4K videos and make your laptop a touch screen, then you can make it happen. This way, such a Razer laptop will be yours personally. It will exhibit your choices and daily routines in terms of the usage of the laptop that can extend up to 6 hours.


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