How to track a cell phone by satellite

Mobile phones have become a relatively indispensable tool in a relatively short period of time.

This has come about thanks to the rapid advancement of technology, since about 10 years ago most phones did little more than receive calls and text messages.

Now, in a single device we can integrate a camera, calculator, traditional telephone, recorder, access banking information, use social networks and much more.

So it is not surprising that more than one can suffer a small panic attack when they cannot find their mobile.

As you have seen, on this website we show you all the alternatives to be able to locate a person through their mobile phone, locate a stolen cell phone , and even spy on a cell phone the activity of your loved ones through their cell phones.

In this article we want to present you other alternatives and also payment software that works as a mobile locator.

Maybe you would like to track your friends and family throughout the day. You may also frequently lose your cell phone. Whatever the case, using a GPS tracking program that is connected to a satellite is a good way to track your cell phone. It is not as complicated to install as it seems and if you choose the correct program it is completely free.

Step 1

Search for an online GPS application. Several free applications are available, including Google Maps for mobile devices, Instamapper and Buddyway. Any one of these will transform your web-enabled cell phone into a tracking device. Once installed, your phone will send a signal to a GPS satellite, which will then send a signal to your receiver that will put the location on a map over the Internet.

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Step 2

Get Google Maps for mobile devices. This is the most complete of the three mentioned programs. Not only does it turn your phone into a tracking device, it will also turn it into a complete navigation system. This app offers audible turn-by-turn directions, just like the available GPS systems for cars, and can be enhanced further with a reliable Netstar GPS asset tracker for your valuable assets. You can also add the tracking service to your web browser, if you use Google Chrome, to locate your phone every time you open it.

Step 3

Try Buddyway. This application also uses Google Maps, but it is a more basic system. While it does have navigation features, it works best for recording your path during a road trip and then sharing it with friends. It has a 30-day history, so you can see the route taken and it also has a function that allows you to incorporate your family and friends to your maps. That way they can track each other with their GPS phones.

Step 4

Get Instamapper. This app is similar to Buddyway, but provides some more info. For example, it gives you the speed at which your phone moves along with latitude, longitude, and altitude. This is a very easy to use system and allows you to switch between the map view and the satellite photo view. You can view a map labeled with street names or view actual satellite images of the area in which the phone is located. If you click on “Hybrid” you will get the satellite images, labeled as if it were a map.

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