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We usually send photos and videos via WhatsApp or any other social network, but what we want to send doesn’t always fit. For heavy files these messaging applications do not always serve us and therefore we can bet on alternatives to WeTransfer, specific tools to send heavy files to friends, family or work. They are free and multi-device, useful to have them always at hand if we need to send something.

Most of the alternatives to WeTransfer that we offer you are free and allow you to send 5, 10 or even 20 GB on each link or email, so you can try the one you like best or you can simply alternate all the options to always send the files to your friends or family. The operation is similar in practically all options, with the possibility of sending the files by generating a link or by email.

WeTransfer Alternatives

Google Drive

Google Drive is usually one of the most comfortable alternatives to WeTransfer for the simple reason that we all have a Google account (or the vast majority of people) and we can use it with ease. Just for having an account we have 15 GB of free storage and we can send the files as a link through email or through the link itself, with the messaging application you want and it will be enough to copy and paste.



Dropbox is not one of the best solutions as alternatives to WeTransfer if you want to send many files of great weight because the space is limited. But the advantage is that there are many users who have Dropbox and that, like Google Drive, allows us to share folders and not just send the document to download. You can have collaborative files and folders in addition to sharing the links when you need to. Although it is free, there are payment options if you want to expand the available space and you can also recommend to friends or family to increase the gigabytes.

Dropbox folders


MEGA is one of the most interesting options not only for sending heavy files but also as cloud storage. Its strong point is that it allows us to have up to 50 GB of files in the cloud for free without having to pay for it. In addition, it is very easy to handle and that makes it a highly recommended option. Of course, you need to have an account and upload the content to the cloud to later send it to that person. Although there are payment options, it is one of the best alternatives to Wetransfer if you are looking for something free and you will not have to pay anything to send files. There is also no need to download anything. It is comfortable, practical, simple.

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The steps are simple: you log in, choose the folder, create a link by clicking the right button and send it to that person. The link can be password protected so that no one can access it without your permission. Once your friend or family member has the link, you can download it to the device you want without complications. In case you are going to use it a lot, you can bet on MEGA payment plans that add Pro features and improve the transfer fee or transfer speed


Beyond the previous two, more specialized in cloud storage than large file sharing, Filemail is the best option and one of the best alternatives to Wetransfer. It is a very simple interface with a very basic operation: you can send files or folders as you like, a single weight file or a folder with several documents. You can send as email or as a link through the app you want if you do not have the person’s email … And you can add files by dragging or browsing folders on the computer. Once sent, the documents are available for X days (we can choose a maximum of seven days) for the person to download and even allows us the option of receiving a notice when the other person has downloaded.

The advantage of Filmemail is that it has applications for practically any device, incorporating it on the desktop, Android, iPhone or iPad, you can use it directly with Outlook or even integrate it into a web page.


MyAirBridge is another option that allows us to send, receive heavy files. It has payment plans but you can also use it for free with an upload transfer limit of 20 GB and with a transfer expiration of 3 days. It allows us up to 10 high speed downloads and we can use it with registration or without registration. If we want more, the payment options range from 2.59 euros and beyond improving the transfer limit or the days available also include cloud storage with 100 GB in the basic version and up to 1 TB in the Pro version , which also allows password protected files or transfers. Although there are paid versions, you can use it for free without any problem and in a timely manner.

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Operation can be a bit trickier with an interface but there are two buttons you can use without registration: send files via email or link. Just by clicking on them you can choose the content you want from your computer or mobile phone, upload it to the web and automatically generate the link or go to the email website where you will have to put a sender, receiver, title and message. The weak point is that they are only available for three days. The strong point and the great advantage is that you don’t even need registration.


You can only send files up to 4 GB but TransferNow is one of the best alternatives to WeTransfer if you are looking for something very basic, simple, intuitive and without registration. You can send files by email to your friends or generate a link to send to everyone through the app you want. The great advantage of this service is that you only have to press three buttons to get send the file or have the link: choose the ones you want, fill in data and emails , send.

If you want more than 4 GB you can have TransferNow Premium that allows us up to 20 GB per transfer and up to 50 recipients in each transfer, in addition to contact lists and other options. In the case of the premium it has 8.33 euros of monthly price and also includes 1 TB of storage in case you need it. It is very easy to use and you don’t even need to register to use it.

Transfer XL

Another of the best alternatives to WeTransfer if you are looking for a simple and basic operation is TransferXL that allows us to add files and send them up to 100 GB, although in its paid version. You can share thousands of photos in a single transfer for free, files of up to 5 GB … Just access the web, tap on “add files”, choose the photos or documents you want to send and add an email from the sender, another from the receiver and press send. It also allows you to create a link to share the document or even share it through social networks such as Facebook or Twitter.

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To send files it is not necessary to register and you can have everything as comfortable as possible. Every day you can do 10 GB of transfer although you can also have the Pro version with 25 GB per transfer and 50 GB maximum daily , encrypted, etc. It also has no permanence and you can cancel the subscription at any time if you regret it.

TransferXL - wetransfer alternatives


MailBigFile has the advantage that files stay for 10 days and you have up to 20 downloads per file. You can send 2 GB files for free without registration: you add the files, receiver and sender address and send. You can also create a link, as in the others. You will not be able to upload files that are too large (maximum 2 GB) but there are paid versions that allow us to upload up to 20 GB per file for an amount per year, such as the Business option that allows you to have the download available for 60 days, 100 downloads per file, etc. . Like others on the list you do not need a registration to use it.

Mailbigfile - Alternatives to Wetransfer


Jumbomail is similar to the others: it has a free version with the possibility of sending files of up to 5 GB that will be kept for 7 days on its servers and there are also payment options that we will have to pay annually and that allow us to send 20 GB files with 250 GB of cloud storage for about 10 euros a month. This is one of the best alternatives to WeTransfer and you don’t need registration to send an email or generate a link either.


HighTail does require registration, even if it’s free, to send files. It is not the best option because it will only allow files up to 100 MB and they expire after seven days, in addition to the condition of registering to use it. If you sign up for any of the payment plans, you can send up to 25 GB per file in the Pro version or up to 500 GB in the more expensive versions. Also, the great advantage of HighTail registration is that the download expiration date is configurable.


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