The biggest problems dentists face and their solutions

Everyone loves a clean smile, but keeping it that way is no easy feat. Daily factors like food and drink choices, brushing habits, flossing awareness, and perhaps most importantly, all time constraints. But there are also the less frequent but more debilitating factors like dental emergencies (knock on wood) or serious dental conditions like gum disease. Dentists face big problems every day, often without even knowing about them until they come into their office, however, with proper preventive care and monitoring by reputable dental software. It’s possible to address many situations before they become issues at all. With today’s biggest consumer trend leaning towards preventative maintenance rather than crisis intervention, it’s now easier than ever for dental practices to thrive.


Problem: Missing out on client opportunities

Exorbitant dental costs come with their problems, and chief among them is that many Americans cannot afford them. But even when patients do have dental insurance, they may not be able to take advantage of it depending on their current provider’s parameters and exclusions. The biggest problem for dental offices is missed opportunity; people who could benefit from preventative treatment such as fluoride treatments or cleaning choose not to because they don’t want to spend money or risk having an expensive procedure.

Solution: Marketing and Education

It’s important that patients understand the value of preventative dental care and what it can do for them. More often than not, a simple education and marketing campaign can turn a client away from crisis intervention towards proactive treatment. This is especially true for children; many parents aren’t aware of how crucial dental awareness is to their kids’ well-being. It’s usually as easy as implementing an educational program in schools and displaying signs or promotional materials in local stores – anything to make people aware of the importance of good oral health early on. 

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Even multiple mobile apps with built-in safety protocols are designed to help children stay on track. Suppose customers begin to associate dental care with preventative maintenance rather than crisis intervention. In that case, they’ll be more likely to come back regularly, ultimately saving everyone time and money in the long run.

Problem: Negative feedback from patients

It’s not uncommon for dental professionals to get frustrated at their clients over negative feedback, but sometimes it’s warranted. Many doctors get disappointed when hearing about avoidable issues like insufficient flossing techniques or not brushing often enough. However, while some of these claims may seem laughable, they can still pose serious health threats if left unchecked. The biggest problem for dentists is when people aren’t taking their oral hygiene seriously; some will even use toothpaste incorrectly (like swallowing instead of spitting) because they don’t know any better.

Solution: Expand the education program

One of the biggest problems for dental professionals or dentists comes from a lack of knowledge in their patients. Not everyone knows what to do when it comes to proper hygiene, and if they weren’t taught at a young age, they might not be able to learn it later on either. The biggest solution for this problem is simply expanding the scope of the educational programs offered by dental offices; even though many kids graduate school with perfect or near-perfect oral health awareness, there are still adults out there who were never taught how important flossing is. Teaching more people about dentistry can lead to more regular business over time; after all, who wants an expensive root canal in the future when a simple education program could have prevented it?

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Dentists’ biggest problems can often be solved with proper marketing and educational campaigns. Great dental care doesn’t have to cost patients an arm and a leg, nor does it even require expensive treatment options in some cases. People are more likely to brush their teeth regularly when they’re aware of how important it is – especially if they’re reminded daily, thanks to modern dental digital marketing tactics. So while dental problems can seem impossible at times, marketers are here to stay. If you want your practice to prosper, then understand the importance of outreach because great oral health awareness can save everyone money in the long run!


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