Top 6 Add-ons For Shopify POS To Make In-store Selling Easier

Shopify POS is a mobile system that allows you to sell anywhere using the app functionality. Shopify POS is one of the best retail point of sale systems in the market and has many features that make it handy to use. Apps are available through Shopify that enhance the functionality of your POS. The apps offer a range of features for you. It makes your work as a retailer easier. 

Of the various apps that Shopify has, this article lists out six of the top add-ons to enhance your POS functionality. These apps are some of the best that Shopify has. Use these apps as add-ons to your POS and enjoy the benefits they bring in.

Your Ecommerce store on Shopify POS can be made more effective through add-ons

1. Loyalty Lion 

One of the things retail stores need to do is reward loyal customers. Your customers who stick with you for a long time need to be rewarded, so they retain their loyalty and keep coming to you again and again. The best way to do this is through a loyalty program. Loyalty Lion is a free app on Shopify that helps you implement a loyalty program where customers get rewards that are directly delivered to their shopping cart. There is no need for vouchers. The points directly can be converted to discounts while ordering. 

2. Better Reports 

As the person running your store, you need complete data about what is happening. This app can help you get customized reports that specifically tell you what’s happening. The reports can help you take action to set things right and enhance your sales. Better Reports is a complete analytics package offered through an app that has an easy-to-use drag and drop report builder to help you create the report of your choice. The app is priced at $19.90 to $499.90 per month depending on the volume of your business. It is an investment worth making to help you improve your decision making. 

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3. Ultimate Special Offers 

There is nothing like discounts and offers to bring customers into your store. Most retailers give freebies and a variety of offers to pull in customers and increase their sales. Managing all these discounts in your POS can become complex and even confusing. This is where Ultimate Special Offers comes into play. This app allows you to create any type of promotion from discounts to free gifts, and bundles to cross sales. Managing them all is easy now thanks to this app. It costs $19 to $99 per month, depending on your usage. 

4. Order Printer 

Nowadays all businesses have gone paperless and do everything online. Sometimes you do need printouts to send to customers or to send parcels. If you have such a need, then the free app Order Printer is very handy. You can use this app to print all that you need for your store. Whether it is an invoice, a packing slip, a label, a receipt, or any other document you can print it easily thanks to this app. The bulk printing option allows you to print in multiple quantities to save time. A very useful app to have. 

5. Wholesale Pricing 

It is possible that you may want to give different discounts to different customers. You may want to give wholesale price to select customers by giving them a higher discount than others. The Wholesale pricing app allows you to implement tiered pricing in your store. You can tag customers and use these tags to give wholesale pricing to customers. This is a great way of giving varied discounts and it is easy to implement. This app will cost you between $24 and $49 per month. 

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6. Spently 

Spently helps you to enhance the quality of interaction that you have with customers. Shopify has default email notifications that can be sent out to customers. When you use the Spently app, you can customize these notifications. You can add discount codes or make specific recommendations for products to customers. This is a great way of using notifications to engage with your customers. This is a free app that you must add to your store. 

The six apps described above add multiple features and functionalities to your store. While some of these apps are free, the others are paid. It makes sense to spend money on these apps as they allow you to offer better services to customers and can manage your store better. These apps will allow you to run your store in a more profitable way. 


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