Flight Seating- The advancement with the S1 style

When boarding a plane you can be filled with different emotions. One of happiness, one of fear, one of excitement and one of dread when you realise you are in the middle seat. However, things are going to improve, like finding the best forex trading sites, your experience of sitting in the middle seat and sitting on most planes as a whole. So what new measures are being brought in to ensure you have the best flight seating possible no matter how long your journey?

Middle seat issues

The most common complaint that airlines face are the fact that their seats are too cramped and the passenger does not have enough space yet nothing seems to have been done about configuring the seats, it is just a case of either get on with it or pay more to seat at the front (which is especially the case).

In 2019, a company from Colorado, Molon Labe Seating headed by Hank Scott, secured approval from the Federal Aviation Administration to install their S1 style seating with one unnamed commercial airline already wanting the new flight seating arrangement on fifty of their planes. 

The S1 seating is designed so that all three seats are as comfy and as roomy as each other. So no matter what seat you are assigned or booked to, you will have the same experience as the person sat to the left or to the right.

Why do it?

Scott’s main intention and mantra is clear, make flying suck less.  “We started this company to make flying suck less and to give people more space”. 

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If that is not what you want to hear about airline seating then I do not know what is.

Scott is wanting to change how seating is done within the airline business and he wants to cater for all sizes, ages and accommodate everyone who wants to take a flight. He even has a radical thought about people wanting to take the middle seat,

“I can’t wait until the day someone says to me: ‘Can I grab that middle seat from you?'”.

“No seats are any smaller, one seat ends up being wider, and we’ve solved the elbow wars” Scott added.

Where will the S1 go?

It is out there for sure. However, the new S1 design is designed for shorter domestic flights at the moment and they are currently working on one with a TV in the back of the seat for longer flights.

Sitting directly adjacent to two people means that passengers only have so much shoulder room. They have actually shifted the middle seat back just a few inches allows for more space. Molon Labe Seating made the middle seat about three to five inches wider than the standard 18 inch seat.

What do people think?

Zach Honig, editor-at-large of travel website The Points Guy, is like most people and will not go for the middle seat when booking. But, after seeing the new S1 design he has become more open minded, 

“I’m not sure I’ll be changing that approach with the S1’s design, though the staggered arrangement does make flying in the middle slightly more comfortable, with a bit more room for your shoulders and arms,” he said. “It’s unclear which airlines will be adding it and when, but I’m certainly eager to give it a try, assuming it does launch in the U.S.”

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