Thermomix TM6: the most connected kitchen robot

Stir, mix, cut, whisk, knead, chop, cook, fry, steam, simmer, emulsify … These are some of the functions performed by kitchen robots such as the popular Thermomix. Reference in this market (we cannot forget that, according to the firm , during 2018 they sold more than 154,000 units in Spain), it has just been renewed with a new model: TM6.

With more and more competition, it seeks to differentiate itself including many more cooking modes and adjustments, among which are those related to techniques such as slow cooking to cook food at low temperature; vacuum cooking of meat, fish and vegetables; and fermentation, something ideal for making homemade yogurts, for example. It also has a specific mode called ‘prewash’ that helps remove food scraps from the interior to make it easier to clean.

All of them are accessed from a touch screen larger than before (6.8 inches). However, the most notable change is that it incorporates Wi-Fi connectivity without an adapter. In addition to serving to obtain system updates, it allows access from the robot itself to Cookidoo , the Thermomix recipe platform that provides more than 40,000 alternatives. With a trial period of 6 months and then a cost of 36 euros a year, it is also the gateway to his famous books, which have now become available only in digital format.

Guided kitchen

Once the recipe is selected, the screen guides you step by step through the preparation. And it is such a detailed process that anyone can do it. An example: when making some meatballs with tomatoes, first you are invited to put a bowl on the lid to weigh bread and milk (it has a scale that weighs gram by gram); Then ask to remove it and put in the bowl garlic and parsley and set the program to saute them and their duration automatically … And so for a total of 35 steps between meat and sauce.

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All data is synchronized with the mobile phone if the app is also installed . Thus, for example, if a recipe has been chosen from the screen and sent to the shopping list, all the necessary ingredients can be accessed on the smartphoneand even exported to other applications.

The only downside is that, to enjoy this benefit, an additional disbursement must be made: there is no other alternative to enjoy the guided recipes with this or with any other application, and neither is it possible to create your own or modify existing ones. Hiring it is almost mandatory to get the most out of the machine and can throw many people back taking into account the price of the Thermomix TM6 (1,259 euros). If an account is not available, it can still be used in manual mode with the other features.

With melodies

The latest version of the popular device has a certain degree of intelligence. Thus, you can stop developing a guided recipe if it detects that the steps are not being followed correctly. Two last curious details: in the settings menu the possibility of choosing a melody is contemplated so that it warns when the elaboration is finished, just as we do with the ringtones of a mobile phone; and before disconnecting it from the power, it must be turned off since, otherwise, it displays an error message when it comes back on.

That said, as far as your cooking robot capabilities are concerned, no surprises are appreciated. Its cooking technology distributes heat evenly throughout the jar, which has a capacity of 2.2 liters. According to the firm, it is enough to prepare recipes for four people, although during our tests (with diners), the figure is closer to three.

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It is capable of cooking at a temperature of up to 130 degrees, although with exceptions: in the manual mode it only allows to select 120 degrees and, to enjoy this extra heat (ideal in the sofritos), it is essential to make a guided recipe. Some rice, for example.

Multiple accessories

Their blades, with 10 speed levels, are always in motion (except for a dish from Cookidoo ). In the case of elaborations with ingredients that can be easily split, yes, it is possible to select that they turn upside down. In the most extreme cases you can use a basket that prevents the blades from touching the food.

The Thermomix TM6 also comes with multiple accessories: from a beaker to make it quieter to a splash guard, a flexible spatula and, of course, the two-level varoma. In general, it is quite easy to use, but a more complete instruction manual is missing.


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