Right now, what are the best smartphones for work and productivity on the go?

Choosing a smartphone for work use isn’t quite the same as choosing one for personal use. For example, while you can probably get by with a failing battery in a personal handset, the below-par battery life resulting from this arrangement would likely be a deal-breaker in a business phone, which could also do with a particularly large screen for multitasking. 

For that reason, while many professionals should probably rule out relatively small devices like the 2020 model of the iPhone SE, they could benefit from considering one of the following office-friendly models. 

Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra

TechRadar calls this beast of a phone “a big productivity powerhouse” – and it’s not hard to see why, with its high-end specs and compatibility with Samsung’s stylus-like accessory the S Pen. It’s also easy to be impressed by the zoom feature of the device’s camera tech, which includes a 108-megapixel rear camera. 

Essentially, regardless of your job or profession, you can find a use for the Note 20 Ultra – though you should be warned that it can take a while to charge, while the “Ultra” tag could easily be referring to the device’s extortionate price.

Best smartphones

iPhone 12

There are, of course, various models of the iPhone 12 – right down to the iPhone 12 mini, which you should probably rule out just on account of its modest screen size of 5.4 inches on the diagonal. However, even the standard iPhone 12 is 5G-ready and boasts a gorgeous OLED display as well as magnetic MagSafe connectivity for easier on-the-go charging.

If you really want an iPhone 12 that offers the crème de la crème in the productivity stakes, though, you should invest in the iPhone 12 Pro Max. Its 6.7-inch screen gives users plenty of room to play with, and “helps make writing emails, reading and editing documents or even video calling a piece of cake”, enthuses.

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Google Pixel 5

If there’s one common bugbear of using Android, it’s the unnecessary fluff that many smartphone brands can end up piling on top of it. Fortunately, you don’t get that same cumbersome experience with Google’s series of Pixel handsets, of which the Pixel 5 is the latest flagship. 

The Pixel 5 is enclosed by a premium-looking metal body integrated with a top-class camera but still comes at an appealing mid-range price. As the Pixel 5 is also 5G-compatible, it could also effectively complement business phone systems sourced from a corporate telecoms provider currently preparing to roll out a network itself supporting this next-generation cellular connectivity standard.

BlackBerry KEY2 LE

BlackBerry is back! Yes, it’s like someone has turned the clock back to 2010, when smartphones equipped with physical keyboards were still fashionable – except that, well, the whole experience has been suitably beefed up for modern sensibilities. All rise for the BlackBerry KEY2 LE…

This BlackBerry comes with various enterprise-ready features – including compatibility with MDM solutions, dual account support and long-lasting battery life. TechRepublic opines that, “for those missing the days of tactile typing response, the BlackBerry KEY2 LE is ideal.”


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