Cheap Smartwatch You Can Buy in Australia

Having a Smartwatch is one of the most critical parts of accessories these days. It is not just to see the time but for a variety of other purposes. Considering there are multiple options available in the market when you go out to purchase a watch, it is extremely difficult to get the best. You might have seen watches online of Apple, Fossil and other brands that offer various in-build features such as GPS, Heartbeat sensor, and others. 

Whereas, if you are looking for the cheapest smartwatch in Australia, then you must check out for some great savings.

Depending upon the requirement of individuals, we have enlisted here a list of a few popular smartwatches in the mart. Interestingly, these all watches are available within an affordable range only. So, if you wish to learn about the same then, continue reading the post further for your reference and clarity over the same subject.


1. Apple Watch Series 5 GPS Cellular 44mm

We have started our list with Apple Watch Series 5 GPS Cellular 44mm, which is a swim-proof smartwatch. It offers 30 per cent of the larger and brighter screen. The interesting part is that this watch also has a heart rate sensor that allows individuals to monitor their heartbeat on daily basis. The strap of this watch is made of Aluminium and is black. If you are planning to get a watch that is water-resistant and helps you track your health then, you should get for yourself Apple Watch Series 5 GPS Cellular 44mm. This will be one of the best deals as this smartwatch provides a lot of exciting features.

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2. Apple Watch Series 6 44mm GPS

In addition to this, you can also consider another most popular smartwatch of the same brand. Apple Watch Series 6 44mm GPS is a smartwatch that speaks for itself. You need not have to enlist the features to show how popular this smartwatch is. Anyone who has a keen interest in smartwatches will know about Apple Watch Series. This 40 mm watch will cost you around $449 AUD dollars. It supports Wi-Fi functions and allows you to monitor regularly your health conditions. Along with the heart rate, you can also check your blood pressure with the help of this device.

3. Apple Watch SE 40mm GPS Cellular

Moreover, Apple Watch SE 40mm GPS Cellular can be the best choice for all those who are seeking a watch that serves all their needs. This particular watch is made of an aluminium strap and is available in different colours. You can henceforth avail of this smartwatch in silver, gold, and grey colours. The case size of this smartwatch is around 40 mm. Interestingly, this watch allows the individual to text, call, as well as provides many other features. Similar to Apple Watch Series 6 44mm GPS, this watch too lets you monitor your health status every day.

4. Samsung Galaxy Watch Active2 40mm LTE

Aside from this, Samsung Galaxy Watch Active2 40mm LTE is another watch that you can purchase if you fall short of budget. This particular watch is available at a much-reduced price and provides all the spectacular features without compromising on the same. This watch has several in-built features that allow you to keep a track of your workout time as well as your sleeping duration. It will of course provide you with the basic features like calling and texting back to the messages. The strap of this wireless device is also made of aluminium. Just like any other device of Samsung, this smartwatch to offers a long-lasting battery.

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5. Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 40mm Bluetooth

In the final words, you will be able to get this watch at a much lesser price especially when you compare the list of benefits it offers. If you are planning to purchase a smartwatch any time soon then, you should get Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 40mm Bluetooth as it offers an extensive list of features. A lightweight smartwatch it is which is extremely reliable. You can avail this watch in silver, black, as well as pink colour. Connect this device with Bluetooth and get all the features of tracking your health, fitness, and sleep. The case size of this watch as well is around 40 mm. It also has a GPS built within it.

These were among the cheapest smartwatch that you could consider buying in Australia. If you have plans of buying the smartwatch then, make sure that you research well before you buy. This is because many times it is after the purchasing; we realize that there was something else that could have been purchased. So, make sure that you do not fall into that guilt trap and hence do proper research before you invest your handsome amount. Go through the post once again to get clarity over the cheapest smartwatches available in Australia and the list of features they offer to the users.


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