Tech Toys Versus Old-Fashioned Toys – Which One Is Better For Early Language Development

The burning question that most parents want the answer to is, do electronic toys have an adverse influence on children’s language development? Some electronic toys provide numerous learning advantages for kids, teaching them esteemed educational dexterities in an engaging and stimulating manner. However, the concern remains that too much screen time for children can protract language development, leaving kids battling to communicate efficiently with their peers. Studies performed by the North Arizona University unearthed that babies who play with electronic toys, spoke less “baby talk” than the case is when playing with conventional toys like board games, books and building blocks. Another worrying founding was that parents also communicated less with their kids while playing with their electronic toys.

How To Kids Learn Language?

The entire process of learning language is mesmerizing. Children tune into conversations surrounding them, learning through listening, mainly by hearing their parents interacting with them. When a baby develops, he starts responding to language through gestures and babbling. When time passes, he starts to learn body language, interpreting individuals around them and utilizing language to create various responses. For this reason, communicating with people and the world surrounding them is vital and it plays a fundamental role in language acquirement.

Which Traditional Toys Add The Best Value?

If you strive to assist your child with developing his language dexterities, have a look at these toys available from that are worth investing in.

Building blocks

Building blocks are excellent toys for motor skills and coordination development and it serves as a valuable conversation starter. When playing with your child, creating something basic like a tower motivates loads of comment about the colors and shapes of the bricks, how to best put them together and what the best strategy is when the tower topples over.

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building block toys

Dressing Up Clothing

By dressing up, a child can use his imagination and adopt another persona, exploring how the specific character might interact with others. Be sure to play along and make comments, encouraging expedient interaction.


Imaginative play necessitates plenty of interaction and kids instinctively mimics the conversation and voices of their favorite action figures and dolls. You as their parent can join in the fun, helping them to understand language skills and how individuals respond to each other. This is a useful tool for developing social skills.

dolls toys

Board Games

A number of board games necessitate a form of interaction and entail quiz-style questionnaires. Not only will this encourage your child’s communication, but also it can teach them social skills that include following instructions, taking turns, and that winning or losing is part of the game. Not everyone can win every time.


There are numerous benefits associated with reading books with your children. It creates the perfect opportunity for bonding. Be on the lookout for books that are suitable to his or her age and that motivate questions, for instance, what color is the tree? Or how many apples can you see in the tree?


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