Importance of Product Packaging in Marketing

It is known pretty well that the four P’s of the marketing mix are the Product, place, price, and promotion of the product. But it is important to consider that another P is also equally important. The fifth P is the packaging, yes packaging of the product is an important factor in marketing. Let us discuss the importance of packaging and the importance of packaging as a marketing tool.

Importance of packaging:

 It is important to know that the first impression of a product, including how it’s packaged and presented with the help of an automatic pallet wrapping machine, goes a long way in learning how people perceive things. This is indeed the same idea that companies also implement through their packaging strategies. The outer appearance of the product or its packaging is the first thing that potential customers will see and thus it serves as an excellent marketing tool for the product. 

Also, the package of the product also serves multiple practical purposes as well. Some of the practical uses and functions of packaging are as follows.

  1. Protection: The first and most obvious use of packaging is protection. Protection basically protects the goods from damage and can occur due to environmental factors. Packaging also renders protection against moisture, breaking, temperature changes, dust, etc.
  2. Transmission of information: Packaging and labelling are important tools that inform the consumer about the product. Packaging also relays important information about storage instructions, directions for use, warnings, ingredients, information on the helpline and other required warnings from the government.
  3. Convenience: Packaging offers the best convenience for storage, transportation, distribution, and warehousing during its journey from production to consumption. Packaging will also make the entire process of handling goods more convenient for all the parties involved. 
  4. Security: Packaging ensures that there is no tampering with the goods. Packaging also secures goods from foreign elements and alterations. The quality package will also decrease the risk of pilferage. Availing packaging services will ensure your product’s security and quality.
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The role of packaging as a Marketing Tool:

Effective packaging from eminent packers such as JBM, helps a business to attract more consumers towards its product. It behaves as a tool that differentiates the product from the rest of the competition. High end packaging adds more value to the perceived value of a product. There are some effective techniques that one can use to ensure that the product package serves as an effective marketing tool for the product. let us discuss how.

1.Colors seem to affect the purchase decision:

Colors are generally associated with a brand, sometimes people identify a brand based on their colors. The colors are thus required to be visually appealing as they will be long associated with a brand. The colors a company chooses for its packing affects the customer’s choice to buy. It also affects the way the consumer will fondly remember the brand to buy it over and over again.

2.Packaging reinforces the value of the product:

While considering the packaging of the product, it is important to focus on the feeling the product should evoke, along with the ease of use of the product. depending on the intent of the product, a number of factors come into play in varying degrees of necessity. The size of the product packaging also speaks to its perceived value, depending on the type of the product, people may also think that the product has less or more financial value based on how much space it occupies. 

3.Packaging should capture attention:

One important aspect of the package is that it should draw the attention of the potential consumer even when it is sitting idle on a shelf. The packing need not be the brightest or the loudest package, but it needs to be unique in some way. Sometimes even simple packing could be what sets the product apart. Other factors that appeal to the user are the shape, color scheme and also the texture of the package. 

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4.Ensure that the brand and the product names are clear:

It is absolutely important that the packaging draws the maximum attention for the brand name. The customer will not buy a product, if they do not know what and whose product they are buying. Displaying the name of the brand clearly on the package is also an excellent branding strategy.

5.Point out the benefits of the product on the package:

Every single product might have certain unique benefits and elements, and it is important that the product packaging draws attention to such benefits. This serves as an excellent selling point. For instance, if the product inside the package is organic, and is free of preservatives, it is good to indicate the same on the package and it is displayed prominently. 

Final words:

The packing companies such as JBM are also clear for whom the packaging is designed to impress and attract. If the target audience is youth, then the design should be modern and abstract. If the target audience is senior citizens, then the design should be specific and clear. Designing the packaging to yield to the target audience is not easy, but is mandatory to follow.


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