Fundamentals of Android App Development for IoT

In the present world, there is hardly anyone who does not use smartphones. And here too, the kind of OS that you use is something that gains the greatest prominence. Android and IoT have been topmost operating systems since the very beginning and continues to be so even after years. However, after so many years, Android today plays an integral role in IoT. IoT app development is the latest area that has contributed enormously to evolving the world of technology to newer heights. Elucidating this further, in this article, we have touched in detail about how exactly does Android play a vital role in IoT and how can it aid in furthering the progress.

However, before we begin with explaining how IoT android app development is advantageous, let’s gain a brief understanding of what is IoT and Android in a gist.

To begin with, Android is one of the most sought OS with more than half the population across the globe using it as an operating system or devices. It is renowned for presenting some wonderful applications that are useful in the easy management of daily activities. On the other hand, IoT – also known as the Internet of Things, presents the Internet as an enriching platform for the present era to explore. And coming together of these two legends, one can only expect exceptional progress.

So moving ahead let’s look at what makes IoT Android App Development a progressive stop?
IoT happens to be one of the biggest areas wherein Android applications can contribute to the T. Moreover, this contribution is backed by enormous benefits. Also known as the Internet of Things, IoT is recognized by its smoothened integration with different devices, especially smart devices which are used in our house and office by using the medium of the Internet. The devices utilize the internet and sensors for receiving, collecting and transforming data.

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What makes Androids’ role vital in IoT?

IoT in a way has enabled easy operation of devices by integrating it with the internet. Now one is not required to personally switch on or switch off a device and rather utilize the benefit posed by IoT and smartphone. Here is where the use of Android App development comes into the picture. It has laid across to the world a medium for the gizmo era by introducing applications that can control the connected device. So, here in this article, we have elucidated in detail the varied advantages that Android Technology poses in IoT.

Android App has a universal Front End

One cannot deny the immense growth of Android as a Software Platform through the years after Google made it an open-source for Developers and Device makers. This open-source software based on Linux has thereby made it easy for individuals to make use of its source code. This thereby makes it possible to transform their use to the devices and gadgets one requires. Thereby, raging ahead IoT Android App Development.

Easy Transfer of Data

Additionally, IoT enabled devices to require a program for receiving and storing the data. This could be a standard Linux server that first receives data, then decodes and processes it. This data could be used for succeeding analysis.

Android Apps are based on Java

IoT devices are broadly built using the JAVA language. Android herein is noted to be a highly capable system that makes use of Java in a manner that makes it easy for devices to read the command, decode and thereby transform it into action. Thus, this reduces the need for using embedded Java which can operate only on selected devices.

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Necessary to run applications

IoT devices can be solely run through applications. This makes applications an integral aspect of running and operating any IoT devices. Thus, this also arises the need for an application or software which can make it easy for one to connect the devices to the app and perform the tasks with ease. And this is perfectly enabled by IoT android app development which aids in smoothened processing of actions.

Miscellaneous uses of Android in the IoT environment

An OS that supports devices

Android renders an ecosystem that supports the components of IoT devices. Also, they make the most affordable choice which can support the different kinds of sensors.

Easy transfer of data

IoT devices require a component that aids in smoothen transfer of data from the sensors. MQTT and XMPP happen to be the two most preferred choices. And android apps support both the sources efficiently which can be integrated into Linux, Android as well as Windows.

Effective Sensors

Android is an open-source system can be easily tweaked and connected with any device as it is flexible to the temperature and signals.


Considering the growing technological rage, the battle of OS is not solely limited to smartphones. It has now moved one step ahead and is modified to meet the growing requirements of connecting with devices. And in this battle, Android ranks at the top as it makes the most efficient platform for connecting devices. This makes IoT Android App Development the next step towards the progress of technology.

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