OK Google: How To Add Voice Search App For Business Growth in 2020

“The Destiny Of Google Search Engine Is To Be The Star Trek Computer, and That’s Why We Are Building It” –

Although Google’s voice search is not the big talk about the vocal talent of Majel Roddenberry as the Star Trek computer did in the show’s long-running epitome, it has approached as close to its fictional inspirations as conventional technology will allow. However, Google voice search is far more than sheer convenience; it’s transforming the way Google manages search queries, the user used to extract the information they need, and even the attitude of mobile app development towards search engine in general.

In today’s post, we will be delving deep into how voice search app is imperative in the mobile application arena and the possibilities for the coming years. So, grab a coffee and let’s go right to it.

Since the past few years, a lot has been revolutionized in SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Earlier SEO strategies that work brilliantly are now obsolete. The elements that immensely favoured SEO in the past came under the scanner.

SEO is the right hand of digital marketing while ASO (Voice search app Optimization) being the left one. However, ASO has reinvented the landscape of digital marketing, and the rise of ASO companies is proof to advocate the statement.

While in the 21st century, SEO is incomplete without ASO. And, ASO and SEO have to be carried out separately but at the same time for the same purpose in a different way.

Earlier the way websites were optimized for search results have been tremendously altered. All thanks to the new trends and methodologies that just made to the fore. As we all are around the corner to welcome 2020, we have to match pace with changing patterns in the SEO domain.

Most SEOs either didn’t heed the opportunities lying in the voice search or wear a cold shoulder to its untapped potential.

Why Voice Search App Optimization Is The Best Practices In 2020?

Several statistics out there claim that nearly half of the total searches done would be carried through voice search by 2020. I think it’s quite ample to validate the power of voice searches so; there would be a time when not all but roughly half of the total online searches will be conducted using voice searches.

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Therefore, it’s said, “if your website isn’t optimized for voice search, you may lose to reach your target audience who do billion voice searches every month”. As a result, searchers are more inclined towards using their voice for searches, directly affecting the existing SEO strategy.

Herein, I am inculcating a few useful yet actionable tips that will lend you a hand in optimizing your website and voice search app for mobile.

1. Pay Attention On Featured Snippets

Voice search app

To brace your website for voice search, featured snippets are the primary ingredients. Google Assistant read the respective snippet to answer queries.

Therefore, whenever you trigger a voice search, Google assistant unfurls the featured snippets that are in the easy approach to answer. This is why marketers try to put their best foot forward in fetching the top niche with an app oriented with a voice search feature.

But, it’s not plain sailing.

You need to hire mobile app developers with a proven track record to ensure that Google’s assistant embeds in your app read the content to present a viable answer for the voice search. Simultaneously, you should be aware of some unskippable fact about featured snippets.

  • Position or The Locus:

A featured snippet doesn’t need to start at position one. Mostly, they are located at location two. It’s estimated that only around 30% of the total queries are taken out from a place one. Leftover snippets generally come from areas two via five.

During voice search, what matters most is the importance of your content for the voice searches made. More the relevant is your content to the voice query, and more is the probability of your content being placed as a featured snippet.

Once you start including this feature in your content while optimizing, then you have started your journey to be featured at the top of the search results! 

2. Put Your Feet In User’s Shoes

“Think Like Your User Speak”.

In the usual Search Engine Optimization, it’s a common practice to think about the search terms the user will type their queries into the search engine. However, voice search does not work the same way.

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When we talk about optimization of the website, it means optimizing the content with the keywords, special focus laying on long-tail keywords.

Think about it!

As the user proceeds with typing the queries in the search engine, it’s a usual practice to type as less as possible. While, when we want to communicate, we usually type more words comparing to the same thing. Therefore, for voice-optimization in SEO, you need to include long-tail keywords that feel like a conversation.

3. Prioritize The Local Queries

It is estimated that 22% of voice search queries are targeting the local searches. Hence, if you are a local business owner or if you target a specific region or your business is area-specific, you can’t turn a blind eye optimizing for voice searches as a part of your local SEO strategy. 

Keep In Mind When you look for keywords for voice searches, ensure that it’s a right mix of local keywords too.

Besides, don’t forget to update your Google My Business Listing that consists of local keywords, especially the one with ‘near me’ ones, which is common jargon for local voice searches. And Keep adding the new details of your business services on the Business page, add images if possible, check the precision of the map’s locations and the current contact details.

4. Maintain The Page Loading Speed At The Minimum

Voice search app

This is common for any SEO strategy. The page loading speed has a significant hold over the SEO score for your website. Especially in the time of voice searches when the user cherishes the luxury of searching by speaking and not typing, they result in shorter search time.

Generally, a website that loads within 5 seconds has an excellent conversion and revenue. Even, in a survey by Google, it was found that sites with less than 5 seconds of loading time have nearly 70% longer sessions in comparison to the website with loading time approximately to 19 seconds.

  • Below are a few helpful tips to reduce the page loading time.
  • Opt for a responsive web design that doesn’t require much loading time to load.
  • Minimize the size of images and avoid using elements of larger loading space.
  • Minimize the use of HTML, CSS, and Javascript elements.
  • Frequently check the loading speed of your website or web page to minimize it compared to an earlier version.
  • Use a content network delivery system to allow access to the same information evenly to the multiple users with the same efficiency. 
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Moreover, voice optimized apps are easy to search because they rank higher in Google play store ranking. This is another reason nowadays business look to hire the best iOS and Android app development service, provider.

“Facebook” is an example of Voice Optimized App

Yes, you heard it right!

Facebook, the largest social platform in the digital landscape has also voice optimized its app. This is also one added feather in the hat why Facebook ranks top among the play store. The new Facebook users are able to explore the length and breadth of the new feature added.

Voice search app
  • They are able to video, chat, voice calls with their friends, colleagues, and knowns.
  • They are able to do the shopping and even get the latest update of their favorite team locking horns.
  • Users can book a taxi.

The update Facebook app allows group video and voice calling possible using the Facebook app. This is among the many reasons why Facebook is prominent in the digital arena. Alongside, this is the reason Facebook is getting more and more users to get new revenue generation opportunities.

Final Thoughts As by now, you know, ASO is the new SEO. And, to abreast the competitive edge business owners are in the usher need of cross-platform app development company to get their apps voice optimized. 

But, if you are worried about Google assistant, Siri, Cortana, align with the expert and experienced developers from the leading mobile app development firm. 

So, don’t wait! It’s your time to get Your Free Estimation and transform the conventional marketing practice and incorporate ASO in your digital marketing strategies in 2020. 

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