The Best Entertainment Apps to Help you Kill Boredom 

There are so many times in the day when we wish we had the right app to kill boredom. From one queue to the next, from one cab ride to the next…waiting on clients, waiting to be called in for a Zoom meeting. Killing boredom has become a necessity and there is only so much that social media can do. Browsing through social media apps can get boring too! 

Do not worry…that’s why we are here. This list is made up of all the cool apps and entertainment apps that will help you pass the time when you’re bored commuting or waiting for that friend who is ALWAYS late!


The best way to give your brain a much-needed workout. Keep elementary math in mind while swiping the tiles to reach the number 2048. Try not to get out of the game until your friend comes! This app will not only kill some time but also keeps your mind busy and occupied more than it would if you are just scrolling on social media apps then let’s shift to entertainment apps. 


Think digital origami…this app is for you if you loved paper folding games as a kid. Paperama takes you into the world of digital origami. The 3D effect gives it a traditional look and there are over 70 puzzles to solve. That long cab ride will not seem long at all with this app! 

Casino Apps

There are so many that we couldn’t just name one. Thanks to modern technology, you can now play your favourite slot games on your smartphone. Queues do not have to be boring anymore! Simply continue where you left off on your desktop using your casino app. Sports betting is also becoming increasingly popular including betting apps in Australia such as the Bet365 app which makes betting on the go easy. 

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Bubble Wrap 

Yes, you read that right! If you are obsessed with bubble wrap in real life, then this app is for you! It is dedicated to those people who have a crazy obsession with popping bubble wrap. You can now do this digitally and the app provides you with different ways to pop these air-filled pockets too! 


This app will surely keep you entertained! If you’re a lover of random information, then this app is for you. You can take multiple quizzes, go into multi-player and keep the trivia, and your mind, alive. There’s a quiz on every topic imaginable too! 

Duo Lingo 

Have you ever wanted to learn a new language? Then this app is for you! You can pick from French, German, Spanish, English, and 20 other languages. You will have regular exercises and competitive lessons that will help you improve. You will not only be killing time and boredom but also learning something new! 

Meme Generator Free

There are so many memes around that you have probably seen them all. That is why it is time to make your own. Grab a funny moment or a current situation and turn it into a meme by using different fonts and photos with this app. Share them with your friends and share a laugh or two along the way! 


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