Top hotel apps on the market

Nowadays, hotel apps are gaining more and more popularity, and this is no coincidence. Competition in the hospitality industry is fiercer than ever. It has led many hotels to look for ways that help set them apart from the competition. Thanks to the rapidly evolving technology, hotels and airbnb competitors can take advantage of some significant innovations and be a part of the trends taking over the market.

But what makes a Hotel App good? How do you find the perfect fit for your guests’ needs so that your hotel stands out not just with innovative technology but with solutions that enhance the user experience? This article won’t talk about specific apps, but we will share the key factors that make a hotel app the best choice for your business.

First of all, we must say that the hotel apps are a perfect example of how hotel technology and software go hand in hand. They help the hotel industry improve the quality of service with less effort.

If it used to be crucial for guests what function a room performs and how isolated it is, things are much different now. Today, the essential and helpful innovations have become contactless and seamless integrations (API’s). In short, guests are looking for one seamless experience.

Thanks to smart room technology and service automation, the hotel can meet the needs of the modern guest by letting them control the whole experience, from check-in to check-out. This personalized method enhances customer satisfaction levels.

However, it is essential to share that developing hospitality software integrated with existing hotel technology requires knowledge and experience. Therefore, you need to pay attention to what a hotel app offers.

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Top hotel apps

Key features to look out for the best hotel app

One of the things that makes a hotel app good is that it aims to provide an overall experience. It is essential to say that the top hotel app offers benefits for the guests and the hotel.

The app should provide all possible amenities to the guests and, as far as the hotel is concerned – increase sales, leverage better reviews, create efficiencies, etc.

Online Booking

It all starts with online booking, so the hotel app you choose should offer just that. Besides, this way you will be able to get to know your guests better- what is the reason for their trip and their preferences and needs. It will help you create a uniquely personalized experience – the key to running a successful business.


No guest likes to spend time at check-in. Not only does this annoy guests, but it also takes up valuable time for your employees. That’s why we recommend you choose a hotel app that offers a check-in feature.

Mobile key

One of our favorite features is the mobile key. The majority of guests don’t like key cards or physical keys. They can easily get lost, and during a pandemic, you have to think about the safety and health of your guests. Therefore, we suggest using a mobile key.

Entertainment system (TV) Controlling.

This feature is another excellent addition. Entertainment is an integral part of many guests, so we recommend taking it to the next level with the best hotel app. One great example is an app that offers voice or app-controlled entertainment.

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Ordering Food & Beverage – App, TV, or Voice

Room service is one of the guests’ favorite services. Consider offering the service everywhere, like why not have an option for your guests to take advantage of pool service? Doesn’t that sound great?


We’ve talked about how crucial quick check-in is to guests. That goes for check-out as well. They often don’t have a lot of time, so they expect you to make these processes quick and hassle-free. Fortunately, you can offer them the best by choosing the right hotel app for your hotel.

Besides these few key features, others that are just as important are: easy payment solutions, enroll/utilize loyalty points, order laundry, etc.

In conclusion, using a hotel app is the best solution for your hotel. With its help, you will offer a fantastic experience to your customers and make processes easier, which is an advantage for you. So, if you haven’t tried it yet, it’s time you do.


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