How to monitor WhatsApp with TOS

Out of many social media apps, WhatsApp is most popular as people use it to remain in touch with parents, friends, family members, kids and colleagues as well. People also use it for joy, as there are many entertaining groups on WhatsApp. Professionals use it to teach special skills to others by delivering daily lectures in groups or making group video calls, etc. People also use it to share moments, important public messages, and to share media files. But its most usages adverse effects have been seen in most children and employers which has left parents and business in trouble.

To protect them from WhatsApp negative impacts, spy software’s facilitate users with advanced featured apps. Among other spy apps, the WhatsApp spy app is one of the most outstanding applications of TheOneSpy software. It allows users to remotely and secretly monitor someone’s WhatsApp in real-time.

Track someone’s WhatsApp with WhatsApp spy app

TheOneSpy WhatsApp spy app is an advanced featured app that empowers the user to spy on every single activity going on targeted WhatsApp. User can get any information, or if the user is busy, they can send the command to record automatically.

Parents can track to whom their kids are sending messages and who is sending messages to them. They can monitor the tone of messages. They can also listen to all incoming and outgoing calls. So, they could watch if their kids were talking to an unknown person. Or if kids are bullied anyone or using WhatsApp during stud time, so parents can prevent them from wasting time.

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Likewise, WhatsApp spy app also facilitates businesses to monitor their employees every secret activity on WhatsApp. The employer can monitor all calls, messages and blocked people as well.

Similarly, an individual can also enjoy it. A spouse can track their partner secret messages, deleted messages and endless calls. An individual can also take the spy app to help to record important activities if in case the device gets lost or damaged, so the user can get their important data back.

4 ways of tracking with WhatsApp Spy App

TheOneSpy cell phone spy app facilitates users with 4 different ways of spying on a WhatsApp. Here we will discuss each one.

  • WhatsApp Keystroke

WhatsApp keystroke allows the user to spy on all keystrokes on targeted WhatsApp. User can remotely access to targeted phone and can view all typed words by the targeted person on their WhatsApp. All you need is to install in it your targeted device and then remotely watch activities. User can get passwords, know their loved one’s interests, and many more on-demand.

  • WhatsApp Chat Spy

It enables the user to spy on all conversations either on message, call or in voice messages. User can know their people’s secrets and interests as well. As it provides reliable and instant information, that’s why people confidently rely on it.

  • WhatsApp Voice Spy

As it shows by a name that it especially spies on all voices. It can track all voices messages, audio calls and video voices. User can give the command to record voices and can watch live as well. User can monitor to whom their loved one is sending a voice message and who is sending their loved one’s voice messages. If anyone calls or messages from different numbers to a targeted person, so a user can also monitor the same voiced numbers and can block them automatically.

  • WhatsApp Screen Recorder
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WhatsApp screen Recorder empowers the user to record every single activity going on targeted WhatsApp. It allows a user to make 1-minute short back-to-back videos and command the TOS to automatically deliver them to your user could account. User can record all incoming and outgoing messages, audio calls, video calls and shared media files as well. Screen recorders are especially for working people who cannot monitor their loved one’s activities every time. So, they can record and can watch all the videos.


We concluded that TheOneSpy is best among other software as it facilitates people with special apps like WhatsApp spy app. It is based on unique features which work reliably and effectively. Its dynamic functions outstandingly facilitate users.


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