5 Best Language Learning Apps

It’s an easy task to start language learning or perfect it. With these five applications, you can learn to manage another language with different and entertaining methods.

ABA English

Language learning with audiovisual material is increasingly common. This application allows users to practice English by watching movies. In addition, he has native private teachers and Oxford content at his service. It was awarded as the Best Educational App 2018 by Reimagine Education and has been highlighted by Apple and Google as one of the best educational applications because it produces films that facilitate user immersion. It is available for free for Android and IOS, although there is also a premium version that includes more services.


This app, in which more than 10 languages ​​are available, allows learning different languages ​​with music as the main tool. In it, there are videos and songs with their respective lyrics, and students must complete them, according to different levels of difficulty. The social networks of the platform are full of teachers who recommend the application to use it with students and complement their learning. It can be enjoyed on both iOS and Android, for free.


This application offers a wide selection of children’s stories and other books, news and even songs with which you can learn up to 13 languages, which can be read along with a native voice recording, so they work in the form of audiobooks. The screen is divided into two halves: the text in the target language is shown at the top and at the bottom the content in the reference language preferred by the user is displayed. This app is suitable for intermediate users who want to improve a particular language. It is available for iOS and Android devices, free.

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Motivation is essential for immersion in a new language. The idea of ​​this app can get it. It is intended to be used as a social network, but with the aim of improving and practising a language. In it, you can exchange opinions and talk with natives of more than 150 languages, and also has more than 12 million users. In 2017, he won the award for Best Social Application of GooglePlay. It is free and can be used on iOS and Android.


This winner of the 2017 Best App award from GooglePlay I / O is another way to learn up to nine languages. Its methodology is based on memories, conversation and repetitions. Memrise proposes you to introduce memories in your brain that you can easily associate with concrete actions (go to the movies, relax, etc.). For this, it is releasing common phrases and expressions that at first do not make sense, and then end up bringing together each and every one of them in a fluid conversation that establishes the memory in our brain. It is a free application for iOS and Android, although it also offers a payment option for those users who want to enjoy a more complete service.


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