Face Pause: Pauses Games Or Videos When You Look Away

How many times has it happened to you that, for missing a moment while you are giving cane to your favourite game, they kill you irremediably? Surely, on more than one occasion they have interrupted while enjoying a YouTube video and you have lost the thread of what you were watching. Well, know that Face Pause will be your best ally.

And, it is an application that you can download for free through the Google application store. What does it consist of? Well, tell you that Face Pause is able to identify when a user has stopped looking at the screen of their phone, to pause any activity that is being performed.

Yes, it is capable of activating the pause button in any game or application you have open. Obviously, if you are in Fortnite it will be of little use to activate this function, but in a large number of games, or when enjoying multimedia content, Face Pause can become your best ally.

This is how Face Pause works, an app that pauses your phone when you don’t look

You probably remember Smart Stay, the functionality of Samsung terminals that allowed you to keep the screen on while looking at the phone. Even Android Q is expected to have this functionality. But, now we can enjoy this tool in any application.

Face Pause app

Keep in mind that the person in charge of this development is Carl Duncan, a member of XDA developers, the largest community of ROM cooks and Android application developers, so the thing looks quite interesting.

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As you can see in the video that tops these lines, the Face Pause developer has had trouble getting his app to pause YouTube videos. But, you have also been able to verify that to solve this problem you have created a second application called Face Tube that works much better when it comes to stopping videos from the Google multimedia content platform when we are not looking at the screen.

Obviously, these two applications are in beta, so their functionality is not 100 percent accurate, but for now, the results are quite promising. As we have said, you can download Face Pause and Face Tube completely free of Google Play, so we invite you to try these two curious apps so that you do not lose the detail of your favourite videos, or unfairly lose in your games.


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