The must-have free software to elevate your sports betting

If you’re looking to take your sports betting to the next level, or just want to eke out a few more dollars, using specialized software can be really beneficial. We look at five free software packages that are all free to trial and can elevate your betting experience. 

Several sites provide free sports betting software to help punters. These applications are designed to assist bettors in making decisions and determining the value of their wagers.

Betting algorithms can help to determine analytics, historical information, track bets, find betting opportunities and calculate bets. 

Why use free sports betting software?

There are two types of basic worth betting software: full-featured software with a short trial version time and software that is completely free of charge.

Beginners will benefit from using free sports betting software. There are a lot of folks who have no idea how to wager on sports. They can use those free trial apps for their learning sessions, and they can earn money using that betting software in addition to their studying sessions. When someone tries to use free sports betting to protect themselves from high-risk harm, they are also protecting themselves from high-risk damage.

Free worth betting software, on the other hand, frequently shows value bets with profitability of only a few percent. Some value betting software only allows you to bet on a few sports in the free edition.

Sports betting

Let’s have a look at some free betting sports software that you can use today. The first table displays the average rating for every one of the options for those of you who want to get started right away:

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Sure Bets compares odds from different bookmakers to provide its users with arbitrage betting opportunities. Their paid version, in my experience, displays exact arbs, while their monthly subscription, on the other hand, is incredibly affordable. You may join for as little as 25.90 euros per month right now.

Their free service may be used through a browser and displays derivatives market up to a 1% profit. It’s worth noting that they’re giving a Value Bet service for free, with no restrictions (it’s unclear how long this will be the case, but I wouldn’t wait too long to register a free account). The free version of these arbs has a latency of fewer than 60 seconds, and the displayed arbs are pretty accurate in my experience.

Surebets monitors 86 bookmakers, as well as several of their clone bookies (bookies with the same odds), for a total of almost 180 bookmakers! They cover 60 different sports, including: E-sports such as League of Champions, Warcraft, and Dota 2 are also popular. The software is easy to use, accurate, and quick, so you may put your faith in them!


  • Everyone can afford it 
  • Free value betting software offers free guaranteed bets up to a 1% profit.
  • Over 180 bookies from around the world are scanned.


  • The scanner isn’t the most professional, but it’s a safe bet.
  • Filters on other similar services are superior.


The betmonitor website compares the odds for dozens of sports across using multiple bookmakers. The software can automatically compute the required stake for you depending on your pre-determined risking plan.

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It can also launch bookmaker websites on the relevant group page, with your bet already entered, so all you have to do now is place your bet.

After you’ve placed your bet, the software will mark it as pending. When the game is over, the computer will mark your wager as a winnable game and note the outcome in a profit tracker. All of the tedious work (finding bets and monitoring wins/losses) is taken care of by value betting software.

You can maximize your earnings by looking for arbitrage opportunities and other tactics.


  • Everyone can afford it 
  • Free value betting software offers free
  • Top surebets and valuebets in one place.


  • There is no in-game scanner
  • Although the filtering mechanism may be improved, they are ideal for novice and intermediate gamblers.

3. Statisticsports *free trial:

StatisticSports is one of the most sophisticated football betting tools I’ve ever used. They provide a wealth of information on forthcoming football events. They can also inform you whether your betting strategy will be profitable in the long run. 


  • Helps the judgment call of betting tipsters.
  • You’ll be prepared to back up your wagers in the future.
  • You can use back-testing to see whether your betting strategy is profitable.
  • Prices that are reasonable
  • Notifications in-game depending on your preferences 


  • It takes some practice to find out all of their essential tools 

4. Bet-Types calculator:

The web-based bet calculator available at allows you to calculate the cost and winning return of any bet. The tool is particularly useful for calculating complex accumulators like 5-leg parlay bets, Trixie’s, Yankee, and Patent bets. 

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You can bookmark the calculator and use it on your device whenever needed. The clean, simple layout is easy to use and best of all, the calculator is free, with no conditions. Also available in the calculator toolkit are an arbitrage calculator and matched betting calculator. The application is a great compliment to the other tools mentioned in this post.


Whether you bet on a variety of sports and markets or the same sport, will keep track of all of your wagers. Once you’ve registered your bets with them, all you have to do now is wait for the match to finish and update the status. 

After that, they’ll provide you with graphs so you can check your overall betting statistics. Why, then, should you keep track of your wagers? Tracking your betting, just like tracking your spending, is essential if you are to become a successful sports bettor. Betting is entertaining, and succeeding is even more so, and bet tracking can assist you in increasing your profitability.


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