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Engagements vs Follower Count: Which Matters Most On Instagram? 

Your company’s Instagram health is highly important as it could affect your brand image and increase your sales. However, some people get confused about which area of the account they should prioritize. It’ll always be a battle between focusing on engagement or follower count.   

Balancing a good amount of engagement and follower count would always be ideal. But which one matters most when it comes to Instagram? Before you buy Instagram followers to increase your number, identifying your priorities would help you focus on one thing and improve your Instagram growth.   

Increasing Engagement On Instagram 

Instagram engagement relies on how your audiences respond to your posts. The more people you have replying and interacting with your Instagram activity, the more you can have an active page and community. Increasing engagement on your Instagram account will make your page look more enthusiastic since you’re confident that your posts and content can always be a platform of discussion, whatever the topic or your account’s niche.  

Having an engagement with your audience or community can help you control the flow and volume of posts that you will be posting on your page. Posting multiple posts in a short period will not help you reach the engagement you are looking for since many things are happening on your page, and some of the posts may be ‘skipped out’ by some of your audience. To help you out, listed below are some guidelines you might want to follow:  

  • Ensure to engage with your audience by replying to or answering their comments. This way, they’ll know that you want to engage with them and not just look at them as ‘followers.’ The more you engage with your audience, the more engaging they will become. You can do this by replying to their comments and answering their direct messages on your account. Even a simple ‘heart’ reaction to their positive statement would be helpful.  
  • Keep things positive on your page. The world is full of negativities, and your audience doesn’t want to see something like that on your page. Positivity translates to an engaging community. You can post optimistic quotes, ask for an opinion, and even try to initiate a conversation with your community. Ideally, keep everything light and playful, attracting more audiences to interact with your posts.  
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Increasing Follower Count 

Instagram always shows the follower count of a profile, whether a private account or a public one. Having a large number of followers will make your page look credible and make other people follow your profile and think that you’re legitimate and more people already trust your service. The more followers you have, the more people will get curious about your profile and make them check out your page, which could help to convert into sales.  

Some people say that you could post anything you like on your page, but if you want to increase your follower count, that’s not always the case. Posting outside your niche will cause your followers some confusion since it is one of the reasons that they tap on that follow button. Make sure to post what you like and what your audience expects you to post. Apart from buying followers like from Pathsocial, and below are some ways to increase your follower count:  

  • Make sure to create a schedule of when to post and what to post for your audience to understand what time the page is active and what different topics are being discussed on your page. That way, your audience will know that your profile is still active and in the works. The best time to post is around 10 AM to 4 PM since this is the most active Instagram activity on a weekday.  
  • Make sure to stick to your niche. Posting different things at once will confuse your audience and may cause you to lose followers. While it might be tempting to post something you think is funny, post it on your account as your business account should be well optimized.   
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What You Need To Prioritize 

As you know some helpful tips on how you can increase your follower count and engagement, you might wonder which area you need to prioritize. To make it short, having a high engagement count matters the most for a business page.   

And having an engaging profile is what you should prioritize. If the audience likes your way of communicating and engaging with them, they’re most likely to share them with their friends, families, and colleagues. It will help you reach your next goal, increasing the follower count.   

Thus, always remember that a high follower count doesn’t always translate to an increased engagement page. There are a lot of pages with a large number of the following, but you can also see there are limited people who like and comment on their posts. It is why you need to make sure that you are trying to build first an engaging audience and community that constantly interacts with posts and stories.


As you build your Instagram account, prioritizing your engagement is highly important as it makes your company look credible and trustworthy. With an engaging community, the increase in your following count will follow.  


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