Top 5 Free Movie Download Sites To Download Free HD Movies

Until a few years ago there were P2P networks that allowed to share movie files (and other types) among a community of millions of users, but for different reasons, especially security, these networks are practically extinct today. The absence of P2P networks has caused many spaces to open on the internet that offers (in theory) the ability to download free HD movies, and allow us, from the comfort of our home, to enjoy good free movies.

That all sounds great, however, not all that glitters is gold. Most of the sites that offer to watch or download free movies are full of unwanted advertising and can even infect your computer with viruses, and other computer threats

Where to download torrent movies for free?

To enjoy a good movie for free there are two modalities, the first one is based on watching the movie directly from the page ( streaming ) and the second one is to download free torrent movies to our computer to watch it when we decide.

In both cases, it is absolutely necessary that your computer has a good antivirus program installed since the download of free material is often accompanied by viruses, malware and other types of “bugs” that we do not want to have on our computer.

In this article, we will recommend you the best pages so you can download your favourite movies to your computer. The safest and most convenient way to download free movies today is through the download of Torrent, but what is a Torrent?

A Torrent is a small file, which contains a summary of all the information necessary to download larger files or heavy content from the internet.

Torrent files must be manipulated by clients (programs) such as BitTorrent, µTorrent , Deluge and BitComet, among others. Once the Torrent file is downloaded, the download of the desired movie is completed through one of these programs.

That said, we can only show you which are the Free Movie Download Sites To Download Free HD Movies on the internet.

Download Free HD Movies 

If you are fond of watching movies you will be happy where we will compile the best sites on the internet to download movies for free and with good quality. Here is the list of Free Movie Download Sites(Telugu, Tamil, Bollywood, Hollywood)

The Pirate Bay

It is a website founded in Sweden in 2003. Since then it has faced many legal problems, however, it has survived all of them and is still operating today.

Its resilience and the 120 million users registered on the portal have made it one of the most popular sites to download free movies as well as other types of files.

download free HD movies

The website is quite basic, it hasn’t changed much since it started operating, so it stays very simple. In its main page it presents only a search engine formed by a text box:

  • You can apply some filters to your search, among them, Video (which would be recommended to check it when searching for a movie), Applications, Game and Others
  • You can also select some relevant filters such as “Recent Torrents”, “TV Shows”, “Music” and “Top 100”
  • In addition, it offers an option called ” Explore Torrents ” where you can search by subcategories, for example, the category “Video” will be divided into “Movies”, “Music Videos”, “Video Clips”, “TV Shows” among others
  • The results are shown in a very basic table, composed of four columns. The first one refers to the category of the file presented, for example, VIDEO (HD Movies)

The second column shows the name of the file, in addition to details such as the size and date it was uploaded, while the two additional columns (SE and LE) refer to the number of “Seeders” and “Leechers” respectively.

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You’ll probably be wondering, what are Seeders and Leechers?

The Seeders are those users that serve as a source, as they have on their computer the whole file we want to download.

The Leechers are users who are downloading the file but have not finished doing so, this means that only have parts of the file, and those parts are those that we can serve as a source for our download.

For this reason, it is recommended to sort the searches by the number of Seeders, since they are the ones who have the complete file that we want to download.

By selecting the file we want to download, in this case, the desired movie, it will take us to another screen where comments from users who have already downloaded the corresponding file are displayed.

We must select the “ Get this Torrent ” option, and the Torrent client that we have installed on the computer will automatically open, starting to download our movie.

Specifically, we can highlight the following of The Pirate Bay:

  • The pretty basic website, even outdated but very functional
  • It is one of the websites to download free movies with more experience and a good reputation
  • It has a huge variety of downloadable content
  • It shows some advertisements, which can be annoying but that compensates with the quality and variety of content offered
  • The home page is displayed in Spanish, but from searches, the site is shown only in English
  • The downloads are completely free and comments from previous users can give us an idea of ​​the reliability of the file to download
  • It is locked in some countries 


Founded in 2007, this website has been gaining popularity among users, mainly for two reasons. The first of them the number of downloads available and the second, the aesthetic appeal of its website.

download free HD movies
download free HD movies

In 1337X they have taken care to present an elegant and attractive web interface to the user. On its main page, it shows the most popular downloads of the week, categorized by files in general, North American movies, series, foreign movies and other types of files.

  • On the right side of the screen, you have other useful search filters such as ” New TV Series Episodes “, ” Movie Library”, “Games”, among others
  • In the search engine, you just have to type the name of the movie to search. While you are writing, the autocomplete function suggests you possible movie names
  • The results are shown in a very well organized list, where you can see the name and size of the file, as well as the number of Seeders and Leechers, including the name of the user who uploaded the file to the page

If you click on the name of the user you can check other Torrent files available for download.

To download the movie of your choice you click on its name and it will take you to a screen where you can see comments from users who have previously downloaded the file.

Selecting the option of “Torrent Download” or “Magnetic Download” will automatically start downloading the movie to your Torrent client.

In summary, we can highlight the following features from 1337X:

  • Very well organized, elegant and attractive website
  • Large number of movie titles available
  • You can download without registering, but you can also create your profile for free
  • Very well presented results, with comments from users who have previously downloaded the files
  • Strictly prohibits users from uploading child pornographic content
  • Available only in English
  • It has some publicity, although in smaller quantity, with respect to other sites evaluated in this article
  • The quality of the movies available for download is really very good, usually High Definition ( HD movies
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Founded in 2008, RARGB is a page to download free HD movies and other Torrent files that enjoy good popularity among users.

Its web interface is quite simple, showing on its homepage relevant news regarding movies and Torrents download news.

Currently you cannot register on the site, however, you can download without registering.

Your search engine is very similar to the rest of the sites evaluated in this article. You just have to put the name of the movie and RARGB will show you a list of the files you can download, allowing you to sort them by name, size, the number of Seeders and Leechers, as well as the date the file was uploaded.

download free HD movies

When you select the movie you want to download, it will show you relevant information downloaded from the http://www.imdb.com page, such as scene images, cast, among other features.

Finally, you select to download the Torrent and the download of your movie will begin.

In summary, we can highlight the following from RARGB:

  • A basic but functional website
  • Here are a variety of files to download, movies that are based on very good quality, usually High Definition (HD) and series
  • Unfortunately, we noticed a very annoying advertising banner when trying to use the search engine
  • The results are shown in a fairly detailed list, supported by information from the portal http://www.imdb.com
  • Available only in English 


It is a very popular website among users who want to download free movies online.

free movie download sites

Its web interface is quite sober and well organized. On its homepage, it shows popular downloads, as well as the latest movies uploaded to the portal.

  • It also shows the fast search engine, which has the autocomplete function so that we can go directly to the download of the movie we want. If the movie is not in the YTS database. Ag, will not allow us to move forward
  • In addition, it offers a more advanced search engine, in which we can search the film of our preference by applying filters such as Gender, quality and score. Sorting criteria can be applied such as Upload date, Seeders, Alphabetical order, number of downloads, among others
  • Once we select the movie we want to download, we are shown interesting details about it, such as cast, synopsis, size, among other features, as well as a set of images corresponding to scenes from the movie

This information, as in the case of RARGB, is taken from the imdb.com website.

When selecting the download of the file we must select the type of quality in which we want to download (in case the movie has this option). This will start the download process through our Torrent client.

Finally, we can highlight the following of YTS.ag

  • Website sober and very well organized
  • It is a website specialized in downloading free movies, with a wide variety of very good quality titles
  • Available only in English
  • Very precise fast search engine, which goes directly to the title you want to download without presenting alternative options
  • Advanced search engine very useful when we don’t know precisely what movie we want to download
  • Pretty detailed information about the movie, supported on the portal https://www.imdb.com
  • You can register for free, although registration to download movies is not mandatory 


It is one of the Torrent file browsers preferred by users for a simple reason, the immense variety of results that it shows in each of the searches.

download torrent movies

This huge volume of results is because Torrentz2 includes the results of many of Torrent’s most popular download sites, such as Pirate Bay, for example. At the time of writing this article, they promise to search results in more than 78 domains.

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Its web interface is extremely basic and even unattractive. On its main page only a text box is shown where we must write the name of the movie we want to search and press the “Search” button.

The results are shown in a list where we can sort by “Seeders”, score, upload date or file size. A filter can be applied to enable or disable results not suitable for minors.

When selecting the desired movie, we will be presented with another screen that indicates the domains that serve as sources and we proceed to download it to our Torrent client. At this point there is the possibility to qualify the selected link, depending on whether it works or not, or if for example it has a virus.

In summary, we can highlight the following of Torrentz2:

  • Website with an extremely basic interface, somewhat dated but very easy to use
  • Gigantic amount of results, supported by more than 78 domains that serve as sources for Torrent
  • Here it is only in English
  • The search engine is fast despite bringing results from many different domains
  • It shows virtually no detail of the file to download, beyond the name and size of the file
  • In our tests we obtained at least a couple of times communication problems with the server, so we believe that it may be unstable or unavailable on some occasions 

download free movies | free movie download Tamil

We have presented you the most reliable sites, with the best reputation and the most varied offer so that you can download the movies of your choice.

All the sites presented in this article showed that, through them, you can download movies with confidence ( obviously this is not Netflix ) and in some cases, download free movies in HD or 3D.

We saw sites like 1377X, RARGB that, although they allow the download of files of other formats, are oriented to the download of free movies of excellent quality, in High Definition (HD) format inclusive.

In addition, how 1377X offers a really attractive web interface, it is growing in popularity thanks to the increase in the offer of films that it has had recently.

Torrentz2 surprised us with the number of movies available for download, virtually any movie available on the internet to download for free, can be found on this page, thanks to the 78 domains it uses as sources to show its results.

Unfortunately, its web interface is not attractive and was unstable during our tests, there were times when the site was not online.

The Pirate Bay probably has the best combination of reliability, the offer of available Torrent files, and speed. Not surprisingly, this website has overcome so many legal problems, and although it has been blocked in several countries worldwide, it is still operational.

But as the objective of this article is to be able to guide you to download free movies, we must recommend YTS.ag, as the best page to download movies.

If you are want to download free movies online, you will definitely love the YTS.ag site for the combination of movie offers, web interface, speed and quality content available on this website.

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Note: We do not approve the use of copyrighted links, lists and files of this type. The content of this article serves to inform the user with the truth about how the mentioned portals work. We will never support piracy, respect copyright and always recommend using legal content. In the event that you use these websites, the responsibility lies with you, with future consequences that may occur to you.


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