This is Apple’s New iPhone 11

Apple has finally introduced the new range of iPhone 11, which includes a trio of feature-packed phones. This is all we know so far about the iPhone 11, including its release date, the new camera features, how much it will cost and much more.

Hi iPhone 11

The iPhone 11 is basically an update of the iPhone XR, with some selected updates. For example, there are now two camera sensors on the back. The secondary camera takes wide-angle photos and you can easily jump between the two sensors, even when you are recording a video. According to the company, this mobile will have the highest quality video among all existing smartphones
One of the things Apple has made clear after its great presentation event on Tuesday is that the company wants you to own its products, no matter what money you have in your bank account.

new iphone 11

The launch price of this new iPhone 11, in its normal versions, Pro and Max, is lower than the usual one that Apple has accustomed us in a phone of this type: it is the candidate to become the best selling of 2019, because potentially, has an ideal price to attract doubtful and doubtful consumers. We can find it for 809 euros.

Is it worth changing to a new mobile? The truth is that Apple is trying to fight the global trend that points to mobile users taking an average of three years to renew their current mobile, something that, clearly, reduces sales throughout the entire industry. mobile phone

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It is likely that the announcement of the price reduction of the new Apple smartphone along with the services of its newest subscription products: Apple Arcade and Apple TV +, were the most important announcements of the day because it was a clear reminder of how the company is evolving from being a high-end hardware manufacturer to a mass-market digital service provider. The prices are intended to attract a wide audience, not only to people who can payphones worth thousands of euros.


We have already talked about their cameras. The iPhone 11 has dual cameras: 12 megapixel wide and ultra-wide cameras. You have also updated the camera software. A night mode has been added to take better pictures in dark situations that normally cannot be photographed.

What is better than two cameras? Three cameras, according to Apple. The company announced two high-end phones: the iPhone 11 Pro 5.8 inches and the iPhone 11 Pro Max 6.1 inches. What really makes these devices high-end is the trio of cameras on the back of the mobile, which Apple says will allow users to take professional-quality photographs and 4K videos.

The entire line of the iPhone 11 is scheduled to be available from September 20.


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