Top 10 Best Free Movie Streaming Sites 2019

We are here with a list of some free Movie Streaming Sites where you can get quality entertainment without paying money. This list includes the likes of Internet Archive, Pluto TV, Public Domain Torrents, Retrovision, etc. So, let’s talk about them in detail and analyze their strengths:

We love movies and we love them even more if they are free. Right? If you open your web browser and write free websites to download movies, you will be presented with a long list of illegal websites that promise to capture your favourite box office success in seconds.

Another popular way to capture free movies online is torrent sites. However, downloading movies and TV shows from an illegal source like Torrent can often cause problems. Instead of becoming a victim of illegal movie streaming websites or torrent sites that host all kinds of pirated content, there are many legal sources that provide free movies and TV shows. (You can also check our list of sites for free and legal music, as well as free sports streaming) .

So, without much delay, I will tell you about the main free movie download websites for 2019. I have also marked the feature of highlighting the sites in bold to allow you to capture the most important points in case you do not have time. Go through all the content.

Top 10 Best Free Movie Streaming Sites 2019


offers more than 100 full-length films on its platform. It is also mentioned in our latest list of the best movie streaming sites. This makes YouTube a completely free movie website for those who can’t pay a premium for accessing Netflix and Hulu content. You can simply visit this link and watch movies like Zookeeper, Legally Blonde, The Terminator, Flawless, Kung Fu Killer, IP Man and more. In addition, YouTube also has plans for its original programs and movies to be free starting in 2020.

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2.The Internet Archive

You will be surprised to find The internet file sitting at the top of our free movie download websites. It’s like a goldmine to download movies, music and books for free. This list includes the original Jungle Book, Goodbye to Arms, Iron Mask, The Night of the Walking Dead, The Brother of Another Planet, etc.

About 4-5 years ago, the Internet Archive only provided direct links and, often, movie downloads failed because the size of the files was large. Thanks to torrent links Now you can easily enjoy and download hundreds of movies without spending a penny. The general catalogue found on this website is constantly growing and new content is added every day.

The website also allows you to create a free virtual library card that gives you access to forums, the ability to upload videos, bookmark favourite content, etc.

Availability: Everywhere


Having talked about American viewers and the availability of free movies for them in the YouTube section, let’s talk about Indian / Hindi content. Although paid services such as Netflix and Amazon
Prime Video is increasingly focusing on the Indian audience, Hotstar is still a good source of free streaming and downloading movies for offline streaming.

The catalogue of this service has a good amount of popular Indian films such as Housefull, Raid, Kaabil, Jolly LLB, Bodyguard and more. The service interface is quite clear and there is a well-designed application too. In addition, Hotstar is also ideal for watching TV shows, sports and news from India for free.

Movie Streaming Sites

Availability: India (free), USA (paid)


By visiting this free movie download website, you can get many free Classic and TV shows. In the public domain. This source of classic content too. It has an Android application called Classic UHF, with which you can grab and look at things while travelling. As an additional note, we recently published a list of free movie applications that are available for Android and iOS. Therefore, check them out.

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Thanks to its gender-specific menus, searching for movies in Retrovision is very simple. The website divides its content into different popular categories such as Adventure, Comedy, Crime, Cartoons, Science Fiction, Horror, War, Drama and Westerns.

If you are searching for all content in one place, simply press the All button on the top menu bar. On the left side, there are also labels to facilitate navigation. You can also subscribe to their newsletter to receive notifications about any new content that is posted on the website.

Availability: Everywhere

5.Pluto TV

Pluto TV tries to imitate a traditional TV design and is one of my favourite services on this list. This service to watch free movies online offers. More than 75 television channels of different categories. All these channels are divided into news, TV, movies, technology, sports and other popular sections.

Pluto TV also offers its official application for almost all popular platforms and you can enjoy content on the go. They also have their own dedicated movie channel.

One thing you should keep in mind is that some channels will only be available if you are in the United States. Therefore, you can use a VPN service or a proxy for an uninterrupted experience.

Availability: Worldwide (more content in the United States

6.Open culture

Open Culture offers high-quality videos from around the world. It is home to free movies, free online courses and free language lessons. Founded in 2006, it has 6 main sections: Movies, online courses, language classes, e-books, textbooks, audiobooks.

The movie section consists of an excellent collection. It currently hosts 1,150 free movies online that includes a special collection of Oscar-winning movies and Charlie Chaplin movies.

Availability: Everywhere


These website curators of free movies, independent movies, TV shows. , and the stand-up comedy video. The website contains free movies ranging from cult classics and short films to documentaries and comedy films.

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This website cures many public domain movies and serves them to you. Since MoviesFoundOnline does not host or load any media on its own, it actively works to remove movies if there is any copyright infringement.

Availability: Everywhere

8.Vimeo – Movie Streaming Sites

Like YouTube, Vimeo also has a good collection of free movies. Needless to say, the site offers a clean design. That makes it a great place for movie lovers who want to enjoy. Free online independent movies and documentaries. There are many short movies available for your entertainment. You may not know, but Vimeo also offers a content section on-demand where you can pay for TV shows and movies.

Movie Streaming Sites

Availability: Everywhere


Many of you may not know that the full name of the Yidio Movie Streaming Sites is His video online. If I talk about the full library of content available on Yidio, this online video guide contains more than 1 million TV shows and movies. Users can register on the website and add movies to the watch list section for later viewing. This function is very useful for maintaining your favourite movie collection.

Moving to the free part, you can choose the free filter at the top and classify all the content in one place. On the right, there are options to sort the content by popularity, date and gender. In addition, you also have the option of ordering free movies by R, PG-13, PG, G, NR and NC-17.

Movie Streaming Sites

Availability: Everywhere

10.Legal torrent sites

Last but definitely not least. There are tons of legal torrent websites that only share content that is in the public domain. You can visit these secure torrent sites to download movies and watch them offline at your convenience.

Availability: Everywhere


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