I changed from a huge 27″ iMac to a MacBook over 7 years back and despite the fact that regardless I utilize an outside monitor with it when I work in my office (Gadgeteer HQ), I now and then wish for some additional monitor land when I’m working ceaselessly from home. One arrangement is to purchase a greater MacBook, yet that is not an answer I need to take. Another arrangement is a portable monitor like the Lepow USB-C show. How about we look at it. 

What’s going on here? 

The Lepow is the best portable monitor for laptop, PC, MacBook and smartphone having USB-C type has a 15.6-inch display that interfaces with all of these devices. 

Hardware Specs 

  • monitor size: 15.6 inch 
  • Visual territory: 344.16 x 194.59mm 
  • Board type: IPS 
  • Measurements: 368 x 225 x 8.8 mm 
  • Viewpoint proportion: 16:9 
  • Goals: 1920×1080 
  • Show shading: 16.7M 
  • Shading temperature: 6800K 
  • Visual point: H: 85/85Min V:85/85Min 
  • Complexity proportion: 1000:1 
  • Splendor: 300cd/m2 
  • Yield interface: 3.5mm earphone jack 
  • Speaker: 1Wx2 

What’s in the container? 

  • Lepow USB-C monitor 
  • Attractive spread 
  • monitor defender 
  • USB-C to USB-C link 
  • HDMI to smaller than usual HDMI link 
  • USB-A to USB-C link 
  • Client Guide 

Plan and highlights 


The Lepow 15.6-inch USB-C portable display quickly helped me to remember a supersized iPad Pro with an Apple brilliant spread. It’s structured like a section/tablet, without an implicit stand. That is the thing that the case is for. 

The display has thin bezels and a dull dim shell that holds a matte monitor that shockingly isn’t a touch monitor. 

The two sides have ports and speaker vents. The left side has a little HDMI port, the primary USB-C port, and a 3.5mm earphone jack. 

The correct side has another speaker vent, a power button, a move key for menu choices, and a PD USB-C port. 

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The monitor doesn’t have a worked in battery so it requires an outside power source. It can force control from a workstation, a cell phone, a tablet, or you can interface a USB-C link and an AC connector to the USB-C PD port as an afterthought and utilize that to control the monitor and charge the gadget (PC, telephone, and so forth.) associated with the other USB-C port on the contrary side of the monitor. 

As referenced over, the Lepow monitor doesn’t have a worked in kickstand, however, the included keen spread not just secures the monitor when you’re not utilizing the display, yet it can overlap into a stand. 

The spread has grooves so you can alter the survey edge and little magnets at the edges hold the spread to the monitor for usability. 

Utilizing the Lepow USB-C portable monitor with a PC 

I tried the Lepow monitor with my 2016 12in MacBook and my Huawei P30 Pro cell phone, the two of which have a USB-C port for the simple association. The Lepow additionally has a smaller than expected HDMI port that you can use with the included scaled-down HDMI to HDMI link to associate the monitor to full-sized HDMI port. 

Perhaps the best thing about the monitor is that it doesn’t require its own capacity source since it pulls the power it needs from the associated gadget. That implies that you won’t have to convey a cumbersome power supply with you or should be close to a divider outlet to utilize the display since it controls on when it’s associated with the PC or telephone. 

As a matter of course, the monitor is in scene direction when associated with a macOS or Windows PC. 

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Be that as it may, you can go into the settings on the PC to turn the display as you see above. The main issue is that when you physically turn the Lepow USB-C monitor, the collapsing spread doesn’t make a solid sub that direction. What’s more, surprisingly more terrible is the way that there’s the link standing out of the highest point of the monitor when it’s in this direction and the monitor will lay on the move key which when squeezed, will raise the on monitor menu. All that stated, it is feasible in redisplay direction, just not very helpful contrasted with a conventional scene direction. 

The monitor’s worked in speakers on the two sides of the display are not noteworthy with regards to volume or sound quality. Indeed, even at full volume, the sound is feeble and unquestionably not boisterous enough in case you’re utilizing the monitor in an uproarious situation. 

Utilizing the Lepow USB-C portable monitor with a cell phone or tablet 

On the off chance that you happen to possess a cell phone or tablet that takes into consideration video out, however, USB-C like the Huawei P30 Pro (appeared above) or a Samsung Galaxy gadget, the Lepow monitor can transform your cell phone into a PC like a gadget with a full monitor understanding. 

Contingent upon the gadget that you use, it truly feels like your telephone turns into a PC. With the Huawei associated with the Lepow, it turns into a touch cushion. 

I tried the monitor with ordinary regular exercises like utilizing it to surf my preferred destinations, work in spreadsheets, work in records, altering pictures utilizing Photoshop, and watching recordings. Note that I didn’t utilize the monitor for gaming as I don’t mess around. However, for every one of the errands that I tried with the Lepow, it worked fine. 

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The hues are great, the picture was clear and fresh, and survey edges are not too bad. I’m not going to state that the Lepow is superior to my BenQ 27inch monitor which has a goal of 2560×1440, yet the Lepow’s 1920×1080 goals are impeccably satisfactory for its expected use as a portable buddy monitor for movement or little workspaces. 

One thing I noticed from the get-go in the audit procedure was that the monitor defaults to 30% splendour and don’t spare changes to the brilliance setting or different settings. So regardless of whether the PC times out and the monitor goes inactive, when you wake it back up, the Lepow monitor’s brilliance returns down to 30%. 

I likewise saw that steering all the sound through the Lepow monitor’s worked in speakers was not an excellent encounter. Volume levels are low even with the volume setting turned to the maximum. 

What I like 

  • No power connector required 
  • portable 
  • Go through the power port 
  • What I’d change 
  • It would be decent if settings were spared between sessions 
  • Volume through the inherent speakers is extremely powerless 

Last and Final Verdict

There are 100’s of brilliant full-sized monitors available however the determination of ultra-portable monitors is constrained, particularly monitors that solitary need a USB-C association with work. No massive AC connector required. 

If it’s all the same to you that the monitor doesn’t spare settings like splendour and volume, the Lepow 15.6-inch USB-C portable display has a ton making it work. It has a pleasant monitor, with striking hues, and fresh content. It’s portable enough to fit in a rigging sack alongside your workstation and it accompanies an attractive case that serves as a stand.


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