The Best Camera Applications For Android

Nowadays one of the most important aspects of a mobile device is its camera. The camera application of many terminals does not include great customization of the options of this and it is necessary to resort to other applications to be able to edit them. Here we bring you a compilation of the best camera applications for Android.

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Google Camera

The official Google application is developed in Material Design and has many features.

Among them, the Photo Sphere mode that, from a series of photos, rotates them to create a 360-degree image and the focus effect that allows us to differentiate different existing planes in a capture.
Another feature is that it can be controlled remotely with an Android Wear device.

Camera Zoom FX

It is one of the most famous camera apps on Google Play. It has a simple interface that facilitates the use of the application.

One of its features is the wide variety of shooting modes. Among them: normal, stable shooting, with timing, voice activation, burst mode, collage and time-lapse.

You can apply more than 90 effects on the photos we want to take or on those we already have in the gallery.

There are two versions: the free version and the premium version. The free version includes 15 filters and the possibility of performing Time Lapse. The premium version includes more than 100 filters, burst modeRetrica
Retrica is the queen of selfies app. It came to Android after being one of the most downloaded apps on iOS

The application has more than 100 filters with which we can edit any photo. In addition to being able to make collages.

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It presents a simple interface which facilitates the use of the application and makes photographing quick and easy.

The application is in the Play Store for free but with ads. If we want these ads are not present we will have to make a payment of 2.45 euros that in addition to removing the ads we will get 28 new filters.


It came to Android being another success in iOS. The VSCO company makes presets – files that store preset parameters – for Adobe. Lightroom and Photoshop among others.

One of the main features is the Collections function that allows you to share images that have been published by other users. To do this you must double-tap the publication to save it in your gallery and once saved, go to the gallery to share it.

The application is free but only includes 3 of the 19 filters. You can buy them one by one for 0.76 euros or buy them all for 5.60 euros.

Manual Camera

This application is designed to take advantage of the camera taken from the Lollipop API.

The application is paid (2.69 euros) and although by default the application comes with all the settings and parameters in automatic these can be modified manually such as shutter speed, focal length, exposure, ISO and other features such as Label the position thanks to GPS.


Snapseed has long been one of the best camera applications on the market. After the purchase of the company by Google, Snapseed deflated a bit in favour of its competitors. But today with the new update the thing has improved the application is still free and features an interface based on Material Design and includes up to 20 features. 11 filters and 9 tools. Among them, you can crop and adjust a photo or modify some parameters such as light, saturation or brightness. To this add the possibility of removing stains that with the new update presents the help of a useful brush to remove those imperfections in some images.

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So far the review of the best camera applications in the market. Surely we have left some, do not hesitate to tell us which is your favourite.


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