Debunking The Psychology Behind Crypto Greed And Fear

If you are keen on cryptocurrency trading, you must have come across the concepts of crypto greed and fear. 

But what are these, and how do they work? Let us find out today.

The crypto fear and greed index is the same as the stock market index denoting two chief emotions that could affect the investors’ market option. The crypt fear and greed index makes use of a 0 to 100 scale and is an efficient tool in examining cryptocurrencies. 0 indicates that the market is highly fearful while 100 denotes that the market is greedy. A fearful sentiment, a tally lower than 50 would convey that the market could be undervalued and prepared for an escalation.  A greedy sentiment, which is a count below 50, signifies that the market is overvalued, and is expected to drop soon. The index turns more accurate as the score reaches the extreme, where 50 is a neutral score. The scores are claimed from diverse sources, and anything above 75 denotes extreme greed. 

What makes the crypto greed and fear index important?

The crypto greed and fear index assists the investors to make finer decisions as the index conveys what the market would do. This helps the investors to have a basic understanding of an unpredictable market. The index is capable of showing whether an individual investor’s feelings are compatible with the prevailing market sentiments, which can be used as an assessment of courage and lessen illogical trading decisions. 

What are the factors that help in measuring crypto greed and fear index?

The calculation of crypto greed and fear index is calculated by computing six investment indicators. The crypto greed and fear index measures bitcoin alone and not the entire market. The index utilizes this as a replacement for fear in the market. 

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Volatility [25%]

This weighs up the mean average value of the bitcoin to its standard value over the former 30 days and the final 90 days. Huge variations in these values signify more volatility would progress the index value down in the direction of fear. This is considered as a surrogate for too much greed or bullishness in the market.  The volatility of bitcoin has the potential to cause very sharp yet very short variations in the index.  

market momentum or volume [25%]

This weighs up the volume of bitcoin swap and exchange over the past 30 days and the previous 90 days. Increased high-volume trading would lead to positive sentiment and the index proceed in the direction of greed. 

Social media [15%]

This oversees the opinion of people about bitcoin on social media. Positive statements denote positive sentiments, nonetheless, it also inspects the number of statements. A sharp uptick in the numerous posts would again signify a greedy market. 

Dominance [10%]

When the bitcoin begins to control the crypto market, indicates that the finance is being rerouted from the substitute coins. When bitcoin loses dominance, there marks the beginning of the investors getting elevated and greedy to attempt their chance on smaller coins. 

search trends [10%]

the extent of the searches that people are making could stipulate a greedy market, this also oversees the content of the search. When a negative search title related to bitcoin is treading could be an indicator of fearful sentiment. 

Surveys [15%]

To realize and explore the point of view of investors, weekly surveys are conducted. Generally, there would be around 2,000 to 3,000 respondents every week which is a decent sample size. 

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The contribution of data from the following sources, namely; volatility, market momentum, social media, dominance, and search trends add up to 85 percent. The survey is currently on pause and has been the same for quite some time, 

What are the limitations of crypto greed and fear index?

The crypto greed and fear index is not one hundred percent accurate. So it is considered as a barometer of merchandise timing rather than finance research equipment. The index is one among other gauges and must be used in a blend of other tools. 

Generally, the crypto greed and fear index only exhibit an idea of the public sentiments concerning bitcoins, therefore, some cryptos could be assumptions to this index. The index inspires investors to regularly barter in and out of stocks appending the market volatility. 


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