How Do You Plan to Capitalize on The Animated Video Opportunity?

If you have created some budget for producing video, you have made a wise decision. Increasing numbers of companies are using video on social networks to get visibility for their products and services. Better still, videos can be targeted to be viewed only by the best fit potential buyers.

So, while the digital age gives many opportunities for promotion, it also means you have to work a little harder to make your content stand out. Either way, video is quickly moving from a nice add-on to an essential of a successful marketing plan. To capture peoples’ attention in the digital age requires almost instant recognition or value in the content. 2D video is a great way of achieving that. 

In this article, you will see the benefits 2D video can bring to your business, and how to go about recruiting an agency to help you produce top quality content.

How can video drive you sales?

Animated video

Video is a powerful tool for bringing new customers into your business. It enables you to showcase your products and is reasonably cheap and easy to produce. 

animated explainer video production are a great way to convey a complex message. You can choose to create a live-action video, 2D animation, or a hybrid. An explainer video should be easy to understand, with the right visuals and music. It should be memorable and stand out from the crowd. And while the process can be costly, the results are well worth it. Here are a few things to keep in mind when hiring an animation company to create your next animated explainer video:

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That said, getting it right is important because it is the first impression many customers will form of your firm. 

Video is a modern way of representing your firm, and it can be used to bring traffic to your website. Whether you deploy video on social networks, email campaigns or in advertisements, video is an optimal use of your precious marketing budget. It can also be used in conjunction with optimized landing pages to convert viewers to take a decisive action such as requesting a product demo or limited time free trial. 

Best of all, videos can quickly convey to potential buyers that you understand the industry and the challenges they are facing. In short, you can realize the potential of video without breaking the bank! 

2D or 3D video?

3D video is great for big brands with the time and money to create something truly special. They can even work for smaller firms with the right planning and investment. A better place to start with a video strategy is 2D video.

2D, or animated video enables you to catch the eye of your potential buyers with relatively minimal hassle compared to producing a 3D version. This is because 2D or animated video can be visually compelling and bring your products or services into reality for potential buyers. 

It can also capture viewers’ attention quickly if done correctly. Since people spend so little time on content because they scroll through social media feeds so quickly, the first few seconds need to connect with them almost immediately. 

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Testing what works best

You can also set animated video up to track exactly what works best to convert web traffic and further actions by the viewer. 

Featuring a call to action at the end and a dedicated landing page for each video makes it simple to see which videos have inspired people to click through to find out more – and which have not. You can use this information to place the best performing videos at different stages of prospects’ information discovery processes. 

Hiring some help!

Once you made the decision to go ahead and get some videos produced, the next step is to recruit some help to get you started. 

The best plan is to recruit an animation video company – not only do they have specialist skills helping businesses succeed with video, but they also come without the costs of permanent staff. With an agency, you also retain the flexibility to replace them if they do not produce the results you want. 

Before you start your search, think about some criteria you are prioritizing. With hundreds and thousands of choices, you will need to think about how you are going to make your selection. For starters, look for agencies that specialize in 2D animation. Draw up a briefing document to tell your chosen agencies about what you are looking to accomplish with your videos, and a little more information about your firm. 

Next, carry out a search for suitable candidates. Do as much research as you can about these agencies and their customers. Once you have 4-5 options, send them your outline document and see what they come back with. 

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Conduct interviews / brainstorm sessions

Setup calls or meetings with your shortlisted agencies and see what they have to say. Discuss your goals for your videos with them and see how they respond. Look for them to come up with some original ideas to take your project forward and bring it to life. 


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