The Fundamental Do’s and Don’ts of Mobile App Development

Mobile application development is a booming industry and for good reason. Mobile apps allow people to do anything from ordering pizza to hailing a ride in seconds, all while on the go! 

However, just like in any other industry, there are rules that developers must follow. Mobile apps, alongside web or desktop applications, should be developed to follow certain dos and don’ts to keep your users happy. Here are ten fundamental rules to keep in mind when developing your mobile application.

DO Link Everything Together

For the best possible user experience, every button should lead somewhere. So make sure when you are designing your app to have all links go in the correct direction.

You can use an app maker to make an app that helps you connect everything seamlessly. You want your users to have a seamless experience when using your app, and this means making sure all of the buttons work.

DON’T Fill it with In-App Purchases

Purchasing in-app items is a great way to generate revenue, but you will lose all of your customers if they can’t do anything without making purchases. Furthermore, it’s very frustrating and confusing to the user when they suddenly hit a paywall and cannot proceed unless they pay up.

Not only that, but the type of people who would buy in-app purchases are usually already willing to spend money on your app. This isn’t a good way to generate revenue if you want to maximize profits. Instead, keep in-app purchases to a minimum so that there’s no confusion.

DO Make Sure Your App is Optimized for ALL Devices

Before you can release your app, you must test it out on various devices. Mobile apps usually have a wide range of supported devices, and most likely they will not all function the same.

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You need to test your app on iPhones, Androids, and Windows devices if at all possible before releasing it. If you don’t follow this rule you will have a high rate of errors and unhappy customers (which isn’t good for business).

DON’T Be Just Another App

The mobile app world is over-saturated with apps, and tons of apps do the same thing. While it’s completely acceptable to create an app that does exactly what another app does, you need to be unique in your ways.

For example, if you want to make a camera app, allow your users to perform extra tasks that the other apps don’t have. This will give you a leg up on the competition and keep your users happy by providing them with more features.

DO Include Social Media Sharing Options

You can apply this rule to both mobile apps and websites since its function is simple. People like to share their experiences, and adding social media sharing buttons will allow your users to show off what they like.

This is also very beneficial for businesses since it allows you to reach a wider audience. If you don’t include social media sharing options in your app, people won’t provide others with feedback (good or bad) that will improve your product.

DON’T Use Too Many Icons

It may seem like a good idea to include every menu option in the app on an icon so that it’s easy for users to navigate. However, this isn’t always the case.

If you try and cram too many icons into your app, it will become cluttered, confusing, and unorganized. When thinking of your icons, try and think of them as a map. You don’t want to include too many signs and arrows so that it’s impossible to find anything.

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DO Get Feedback Before Launching

You need to get feedback on your app while it’s still in the works. Since most mobile users are tech-savvy, they will give you the feedback you need to finish your product successfully.

If you don’t get user opinions, there’s a very good chance that your app won’t succeed when it’s time for public release. Your users know what they want in an app, and if their ideas are included from the beginning, chances are much higher that they will download your app.

Final Thoughts

App development is a long and tiring process that often requires tons of effort. It’s very easy to make mistakes when creating an app, but the key is to learn from those mistakes rather than repeat them. You may have messed up with your app in the past, but there is always a chance to improve and create a better product.

In order to succeed, you need to keep these fundamental rules in mind when designing your mobile app. The more of these rules you follow, the more likely your app will be successful!


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