LG bets on ‘multitasking’ with a mobile with an accessory screen

Write a message with your mobile while watching a video on YouTube or consult a document while sending an email every time are more common actions. Allowing users to perform several tasks at once on their smartphones has become one of the priorities of multiple manufacturers. Among them LG, which aims to mark a before and after in the era of multitasking . The Korean brand has presented at the IFA, the most important consumer technology and electronics fair in Europe, the LG G8XThinQ and LG Dual Screen – an accessory display that can be added to the terminal.

Both devices will go on sale in the last quarter of 2019, as announced by the company at the fair in Berlin. The goal is that the user can choose at any time if he wants to carry the LG G8XThinQ with its single screen or want to put it in a kind of case that has a built-in parallel screen. If you choose this last option, you can use each screen independently to, for example, make a dual video call, talk on WhatsApp while watching a movie or play a video game so that one of the screens becomes the joystick .

In recent months, multiple manufacturers have launched mobile phones with larger or larger screens. While some like Samsung or Huawei bet on smartphoneswith a single folding screen, LG has preferred to opt for the double screen. In fact, it is not the first time that the Korean brand has launched such a terminal. At the world mobile congress of 2019 , which took place last February in Barcelona, ​​he presented the LG V50 ThinQ 5G. This terminal, which is the first smartphone of the Korean manufacturer compatible with 5G, also has a double screen as an optional accessory

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For the new version of the smartphone with double screen, whose price has not yet been announced, the company has taken into account the feedback of its users and has included a series of improvements in the design of the new device. For example, you have added a third 2.1-inch screen on the outside of the terminal that allows you to check the time, date, battery or other notifications without having to deploy the smartphone . The company had already revealed in a promotional video on its YouTube channel that the new device would have a dual screen and a small case-like screen that would indicate the time and date.

In addition, while the LG V50 ThinQ 5G only allowed viewing the screen from a certain number of different angles, the new terminal has a hinge that allows you to rotate the screens in 360 degrees and place the phone in any position to allow viewing from any angle. That is, the user can open or close the mobile as if it were a laptop.

LG Dual Screen has also undergone some changes with respect to the terminal design presented in February. The screen now has 6.4 inches compared to the previous 6.2 inches. In addition, the new smartphone is a bit thinner and lighter: it weighs 134 grams – two less than the previous one – and is 14.99 millimeters thick.


The LG G8XThinQ screen also has 6.4 inches and incorporates a fingerprint sensor to unlock the phone. The terminal has a Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 processor, 6 GB of RAM, 128 GB of storage and a 4,000 mAh battery. It is equipped with a 32 megapixel front camera and two rear cameras – one with 12 and another with 13 megapixels. AI Action Shot mode, designed for when images of children playing or running pets are taken, for example, recognizes the movement captured with the camera and compensates for keeping the subjects fully focused.

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The company has also incorporated an ambient light sensor into the device that not only automatically adjusts brightness, but also levels the contrast of the image. With this function, the company intends that the user can fully appreciate the details of videos and photographs and reduce visual fatigue.


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