How can SASE help post COVID-19?

How companies function and operate has changed drastically due to COVID-19. Remote and hybrid work models gradually become the norm, and these appear to be permanent. What started simply as a safety measure became the desired practice, and work from home is the new trend. This new trend requires new practices for company network security, and SASE is here to help post COVID-19 business world’s cyber security. 

What is SASE?

Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) is a network security architecture that combines cyber security and network connectivity tools to deliver a safe, fast, and straightforward cloud-based security structure to a company network.  

SASE framework solves the security problems of the ‘unbound enterprise’ model, which increases the corporate network endpoints and diversifies the physical locations of the end-users through remote and hybrid work. Moreover, as companies use more cloud-based applications and mobile devices in the workforce, cyber security challenges of the open web are more concerning than ever. 

SASE architecture is a straightforward, easy to implement and affordable answer to these problems. It takes verification from set locations or servers to identity-based principles to ensure secure access independent from the whereabouts of your employees. 

It is a comprehensive security structure that combines the most current cloud-based security services such as SD-WAN, CASB, NGFW, FWaaS, Zero Trust, and Secure Web Gateways (SWG). 


SASE in the post COVID-19 world

SASE security framework is especially significant in the post-COVID-19 business world as it looks like the remote work model will be a popular choice both for employers and job seekers. Remote work is definitely beneficial regarding time and resources, and it is up to SASE architecture to make sure it is also safe. Let’s see how SASE solutions can help post COVID-19. 

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Secure remote access 

There is no doubt that the remote job openings will increase over time; maybe they will even dominate the workforce. Securing remote access is crucial to make sure the remote work model doesn’t jeopardize the corporate network. 

Thanks to cloud-based security services, SASE can ensure secure remote access to employees in any location. This framework can verify the employee’s identity; thus, you also don’t have to worry about stolen devices which is a big question for BYOD remote jobs. 

Increased visibility and more control on used data 

In traditional cyber security approaches, some employees have login information, and they can access any part of a corporate network, especially in the remote work model. This gives you or your IT security team no visibility at all as you can’t be sure on which data is being used or whether your employees stay within their boundaries determined by the position in the company. 

SASE architecture can layer the access, and you can identify certain users to only use a specific part of the corporate network. This can be done through a modern, cloud-based Enterprise VPN provider and guarantee you complete visibility on your corporate data. 

Simplified security structure 

With the advent of COVID-19, the security structure of a company became much more complex. Now, most companies have in-office and remote employees, also known as the hybrid work model, and they need to think about the security for both teams. 

SASE can unify the security process for both types of employees and offer your company a simpler, easy-to-manage security structure. With a proper SASE architecture, you don’t need to look for different security practices for remote and in-office teams. 

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Ultimate protection against cyber attacks

Post COVID-19 world will likely be more dependent on the internet, web-based business, and virtual spaces. Since the information on the web means significant money, cyber-attacks will naturally be more detrimental and irreversible. 

SASE structure offers a complete and comprehensive security model that is risk and error-free, and impenetrable. All businesses will need a bulletproof cybersecurity structure in the post-COVID-19 business world, and SASE is more than capable of delivering it. 

One of the most important security features of a proper SASE architecture is collecting information about user behavior, verifying endpoint users with various methods, determining any potential threats, and immediately eliminating risk on a single, seamless platform. It does all the security processes mentioned above in the same system, so there is not a bit of your corporate network left behind. 

SASE framework; the cyber security approach of the post COVID-19

Keeping up with the latest developments in cyber security practices is a must if you want to comply with data regulations and protect your corporate network from relentless cybercriminals. 

One of the most comprehensive and currently the most capable cyber security trends of the business world is the SASE framework which combines all the security services a company needs on a single structure. It ensures a connected and impeccable cyber security architecture with the help of cloud-native services. 

If you want to take the full benefit from the recent changes in the workforce due to the pandemic, a proper SASE implementation will be your lifesaver with decreased complexity on your network, lower costs, and the ability to hire talent from all around the world. Make sure to keep an eye on this modern, simple, and comprehensive approach to cyber security.

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