Telegram banned from Brazil: get to know Signal and 7 other messaging apps

The messaging application was blocked in Brazil this Wednesday, the 26th, but there are other alternatives for those who need similar functionality

The Telegram messaging application was banned from Brazil this Friday, the 18th, after the Federal Court of Espírito Santo determined that telephone operators and app stores immediately suspend access to the app .

The platform did not deliver complete data on measures to combat neo-Nazi groups to the Federal Police .

How to communicate with relatives, friends and co-workers when the chat app is down? EXAME separated a list of the best messaging apps for cell phones and computers . Look:


The best known on the list, WhatsApp is the application most used by Brazilians, being present in 99% of cell phones in the country.

It is available on the Apple Store and Google Play .


The choice of Elon Musk , Jack Dorsey and Edward Snowden, Signal is a non-profit organization that does not collect any user data. With end-to-end encryption on all services offered on the platform, there is no way for the app to access your contacts, groups, messages, images or searches, unlike other apps.

It is available on the App Store and Google Play .


Ideal for anyone who wants to clean up their privacy options , Jumbo is the app that makes it easy to understand which of your data is being collected by giants like Facebook , Twitter , Instagram and Google — just click and it does the work for you. user.

Although many tools are offered in the paid version (the minimum is R$ 19 per month), the free version already helps the user to protect himself. First, he answers a brief questionnaire; then he indicates which apps he uses and Jumbo scans them.

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In the free version, for example, you can see what Facebook collects from the user. “Your relationship status is being used for targeted advertising”, “Facebook shows you ads based on data about you that it has obtained from “partners” and other third parties” are some of the things that can appear and, with just one click, the user allows Jumbo to disable options .


From Facebook, the messaging application does not protect your data like Telegram and Signal, but it gives you the possibility to chat with Facebook friends, Instagram followers and, soon, even those you have added on Facebook’s virtual reality platform, the Oculus.

Its tools for watching movies with friends, facial recognition for unlocking the app, and custom themes for each chat are also a highlight for some users.

Install the app from the App Store or Google Play .


Google Hangouts is a communication platform for exchanging messages, voice calls and video calls. In it, the user can create chats with groups of up to 100 people and video calls for up to ten.

The user can access Hangouts through the website or by downloading the application through the App Store or Google Play .


More traditional, Skype is an easy tool for video calls, chats or calls. It has a “Meet Now” option on its website for those who are in a hurry and need to make a free video call, without installing an app or creating an account.

For those who want to have an account, it is possible to access the tool through the website , downloading the application for the computer or in the App Store and Google Play .

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Competitor of Google, DuckDuckGo receives around 102 million daily searches on its platform. All searches made are private and responses are organic and not personalized (unlike Google, which uses user data to provide links that it thinks are most likely to be clicked).

The platform has an extension available to be added to any browser, which allows you to perform searches and see how reliable a site is with one click.

Go to the website to install the extension or do a search.


A different option from the original Firefox, the FirefoxFocus browser has user privacy at heart. Without collecting cookies, history or location data, the browser does not store any data, much less sell it to third parties. All ads and trackers from visited websites are also automatically blocked .

Install FirefoxFocus here. It is also available as an app on the App Store and Google Play .


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