5 Latest Gadgets for Home Security

Not so back, but there were days when hiring anyone to keep a check on your home was an unaffordable affair! Searching for a loyal and dedicated security guard was a very complex activity. But here is the good news! Well, it’s the best news both for your house’s safety and your wallet too. It’s none other than the invention of the various home security gadgets. A gadget like security cameras, driveway alarms helps to protect your property. Presently, if you start searching out in the market, you will see tons of smart devices formulated for ensuring your house’s safety.

While intending to choose these electronic watchdogs, you might have stumbled upon a good number of questions. It’s because each one of them would pretend to be the best option. However, that’s obviously not the case! Thus, we have come up with a list of the latest gadgets for home security. You can choose the best one out of them, and that would undoubtedly be the smartest choice.

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Have a look at the perfect list we have mentioned here and make your decisions easier:

#1.Kuna Light Fixture

If you do not want to change the locks which are presently there at your place, but want to enhance security, you can check out the Kuna Light Fixture. It has a sleek design and also, its whole look resembles the outdoors lights. It’s made out of a very clever safety thought! Whenever a burglar would try to come up at your place, he would never know that these lights have an HD camera in them. Apart from that, these models also have the ability to two-way communication.

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#2.LG Smart Security Solution

One of the most important as well as demanded home security gadgets is none other than LG Smart Security Solution. This camera hails with an ability to perform more than one task at a particular point of time. These multiple functions include a camera, speaker, microphone, motion tracker too. For setting up the camera of this smart security device, the user needs to download an app from the app store. Later on, he would be able to set up the camera in some minutes.

#3.Skybell HD Wi-Fi Video Doorbell

Traditionally, you wouldn’t have to call it as a security camera. Instead, you can consider it as your personal security person that can analyze your upcoming guests. It would notify you about the arrival of your guests much before they come up to your home. It’s kind of a Wi-Fi doorbell that is capable of facilitating user with a 1080p video and a notable notification whenever someone presses its button. Apart from that, you can also store the videos in its online video storage and that too for free.

#4.Securifi Almond 3 Smart Router

You might have spotted a good number of routers, but none of them would be as perfect as the Securifi Almond 3 Smart Router. Many varieties of routers come in affordable prices in the market, but we have to select a quality one. It would definitely help you in connecting with the outside world but also help in controlling your prevalent internet usage. With this security gadget, you would get a notification whenever anyone starts using your Wi-Fi. Apart from that, it would also provide you with a flexibility to turn off the Wi-Fi of the devices of your choice. Also, it won’t entertain any zombie devices to use your Wi-Fi apart from the ones prevalent in your house. Thus, it hails with an ability to detect the vulnerable devices present in your network.

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#5.Motorized blinds

The motorized blinds provide plenty of benefits, and these are somewhat similar to the smart lights. You can easily control them with the help of your cell phone or any other prevalent smart device. They can be closed whenever you want, say for a certain time during days. Apart from that, if you close the curtains during the night time and turn your smart lights on, none would be able to see into your house. Such is the perfection that lies in the various motorized blinds present in the marketplace. You can undoubtedly vouch for the motorized blinds if you need to ensure tight security in no time.

Security devices have certainly been a need of the hour, and since their inception, the whole world has started their usage. With such a huge variety of security cameras in the market, you shall have to make a smart choice choose best gadgets for your need. Have a look at the above-mentioned security gadgets for your home, and stay safe!


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