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Jpg Format

If you have some document in the hard form but you need to edit, how will you do it? For editing such a document, you need to convert it into digital form. You have to scan the document and scanned documents will result in a JPG format. Now is it possible to edit a JPG format? The answer is no. You need to convert it into word format. Now a jpg to word converter is all you need. Such a converter operates on OCR technology.

OCR; Optical Character Recognition

OCR represents an optical character recognition technique, so we can say that the OCR converter is a specialized tool to extract text from an image and then convert it into some readable format. If you hate typing, then an efficient jpg to word converter is all you need. First of all, such a tool scans the document then extract text as electronically designated characters. In the second step, they convert it into a readable format. Moreover, you can edit the extracted text as well. There are several photos to text converter which function online and are free of cost for unlimited use. Go online and get yourself one!

How Does the Tool Work? 

The analysis is a very basic step to initiate any procedure. Only a deep analysis serves the most accurate results. This “deep analysis” is the basic principle of any jpg to word converter. If your document is typed, printed or even handwritten, such converters will scan them for their analysis before converting them into the text. Once your picture or document is converted, you can easily edit them, download them and save them in your device.

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Working Procedure of OCR Technique

Some Basics

OCR is a surprisingly amazing technology that assists you to examine a photo deeply. It is able to entertain any written, typed or printed text which is present on any image or document. After the examination, the extracted text undergoes the procedure of translation. In this way, you can use extracted text into a word document to edit it as you want.  Sometimes it becomes complex for many people to understand it as it involves a sort of some electronic or mechanical conversion of a photo into some specialized machine-encoded text.

A Jpg to Word Converter

jpg to word

All those tools which work on the basis of OCR technology generally named as an OCR converter. A jpg to word converter is another keyword to identify this miraculous tool which assists you in extracting the text from any of your document without typing.  

Miraculous Technology

An OCR converter uses this optically recognize and error-free technology for scanning of any input image. An OCR converter basically finds the exact match of the input (image) in the corresponding electronic version. After scanning and analyzing for the recreation of any document the tool has to identify the used font style in the respective image.

A Limitation

If the paper quality of the input image is very low, then the scanned copies of a document will be blurred. In such cases, there are chances that some characters will remain unrecognizable.  Such situations create some hurdles to give you accurate and error-free outputs.

Free OCR Converter

There is no doubt in saying that OCR is a great innovation in the digital world but there are chances of some errors as well. But no worries as perfection does not exist anywhere. Furthermore, errors allow you to make improvements and keeps you motivated for working hard among the race of competitors.

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How OCR Converter Works?

The list of free Optical Character Recognition software or image to word converters, which are available online as well is not very vast. You can find many tools but “accurate one” is rare indeed. If you are looking for such a tool, then congratulations you have found one. Yes! SmallSEOtools presents you with the most accurate and flawless jpg to word converter. An additional perk is that it functions online without any cost. There is a very enthusiastic and devoted team behind this software to provide you satisfactory results instantly. Let’s just have a look at its working procedure.  

  • First of all, you must have some potential output.
  • Open the tool and you will see the option to upload the image. So just upload it to extract the text. There are two ways to upload a photo:
  • Just enter the URL of the photo
  • upload the image from google drive or Dropbox for the scan to the word.
  • Now allow the tool for further processing by clicking the “Submit” button. The tool will analyze the words instantly and then convert it into an easily editable format.

Within a few moments without any cost, the Results will be presented to you.

Some JPG to OCR Converters


This tool is all there to assist you whenever you need it. First of all, it extracts the text so that you can edit it into Microsoft word then convert word to pdf with excellence in a very short period. Once you upload the file in this software, it will be deleted within 60 minutes. That’s why there is no need to get worried about the safety of your document. The only drawback of this tool is its “paid services”.

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Online OCR

You can use this tool without any registration. The working procedure of this OCR online is very convenient and simple for everyone. Moreover, there are no charges to avail of its services. You upload a file, select a language along with target format and then click “convert”. Before you use this tool make sure that you have installed an ad blocker as this tool will bring you a list of annoying ads.


It is another online tool to convert jpg to word format with ease. This online image to word converter offers a unique feature which makes it very distinctive among its opponents. Are you curious about this unique feature? There you go! Have a look at a unique feature.

Once you have selected the image, via using this tool you can mail your jpg file to a website that is specified for each tool with the target format. As a result, it will send you a converted file within few moments.


If you are running an organization or you are a student, then several times you need to convert images into editable word format. With the assistance of a free OCR converter online, you will be able to extract the text from pictures. These tools are specialized for instant and accurate deliveries. So just make your life easy and get yourself a jpg to converter online without any cost.

Moreover, it is capable to welcome languages other than English such as Chinese, Italian, Turkish and many more. Use it once and for sure will get addicted.


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