How to Pass AWS Certified Solutions Architect: Associate SAA-C01 & SAA-C02 Exams

An IT professional with deep knowledge of the principles of cloud architecture needed for designing and implementing robust, scalable and reliable business solutions on cloud platforms is known as a solutions architect.

The Solutions Architect certification course by AWS teaches you how to identify, validate, recognise and demonstrate your architecture experience as well as your experience in implementing secure and robust apps on the AWS cloud platform. 

Passing the AWS Certified Solutions Architect Certification Exam:

You are now clear on what an AWS certified solutions architect does and what the AWS Solutions Architect Certification Exam (Associate) helps professionals with. Now let’s get into the details of this exam and look at a few tips to help you clear this certification exam and earn the AWS credential in 2021. 

Overview of the AWS Certified Solutions Architect Exam:

This AWS certification is an associate-level credential designed for candidates looking at taking up the solutions architect job role. In this exam, several abilities and skills of the candidate are tested, including

  • Defining a solution for specific customer needs using architectural design principles.
  • Providing advice to an enterprise on the best practices to implement through the life cycle of a project.

If taking and clearing the AWS Solutions Architect Associate Exam is on your mind, you must make use of the CSAA Exam Guide by AWS to get all the necessary exam information and understand the objectives of the exam. Some basic information about the exam that you should know about at all times is:

  • The duration of the exam is 130 minutes.
  • There are about 60-65 questions to be answered within this time.
  • The registration fee for this exam is $150.
  • The exam format is multiple-choice questions. 
  • The exam is available in English, Japanese, Korean and simplified Chinese.
  • There are no prerequisites for this exam.
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Preparing for and passing the AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate Exam is difficult for freshers or beginners without much knowledge of AWS and cloud platforms. However, the right training and preparation path can help you achieve your goals. Make sure you look up the AWS Solutions Architect Associate Exam Preparation Guide regularly to increase your chances of clearing the exam in your first attempt.

AWS certified solutions

Best Books to Prepare You for the Certified Solutions Architect Associate Exam:

There are several resources, papers and recommendations you can find online to prepare for your certification. There are also several books that you can buy so that you get a structured and detailed analysis and understanding of what you need to know about the exam. 

Out of all the resources you find, the ‘Official Study Guide for Architects of AWS certifications is the most highly recommended reading. This is the official AWS book aimed at helping applicants to prepare for the Solutions Architect Exam. You’ll find many resources online, both paid and free, but this guide is the most comprehensive of them all. 

Solve as Many Practice Tests as Possible:

You can call them mock exams or exam simulators too. A practice test is the game changer between clearing the exam and scoring well in the exam. There are several benefits of doing practice tests:

  • You sharpen your skills of solving problems within a limited period of time, which is important in the exam. People without this training tend to stress out if they get even 5-7 questions wrong. 
  • A practice test helps in consolidating and solidifying your learning and knowledge because your mind is learning as you answer the exam. Questions are recalled and concepts are analysed before the question gets answered. This helps you in retaining the right answer for longer periods. 
  • Mock tests give you an understanding of your readiness level. If you are attempting a practice exam and score merely 50% or 45%, you still have a little more learning to do before the real exam. A practice exam also accurately shows you your weaknesses and areas of concern that you should pay more attention to.
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Enroll in an Online Certification Training Course:

Merely reading book after book and resource after resource can get boring real quick. For a more holistic approach to preparing for the exam, you can try enrolling in an online course for the AWS Solutions Architect Associate Exam. Several online platforms offer a mix of videos, 1-on-1 learning or hands-on lab experience to give you a stronger understanding and exam-oriented learning. 

The online videos you find as a part of these courses are created by professionals and experts to guide you to success. Enrolling in such a course gives you access to a tutor, coach and a repository of detailed and exam-oriented study material. 

The AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate Exam is one of the highest-paying roles in the IT industry. The salary for an architect ranges from $120,000 to 130,000. With more and more enterprises moving their offerings to the cloud, many new opportunities are arising for cloud architects and developers. Don’t miss out on this opportunity, register for an online training thing today. 


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