How to Utilize Electronic Signatures for Salespeople

Sales teams function differently than others, and most of them want to close deals quickly. One of the best ways to do so is by using an electronic signature solution for all sales operations.

According to a report by Salesforce, more than 20% of organizations have implemented an eSignature software solution into their sales process. As a result, they have seen a 7% boost in annual client retention when compared to the 1.5% decrease among non-adopters.

Here, let us streamline the workflow of implementing the right solution, so salespeople can focus on what they do the best, i.e., closing sales.

Gather Needs to Search for the Best Tool for the Sales Team

You need to understand your business requirements to integrate online electronic signature software. Ensure the online electronic signature solution you are considering meets security and legal measures.

In addition, be sure the system you select is efficient enough for your sales team. Consult with employees who will use the solution every day, such as your sales department or managers, and then see if the solution fits within your budget before purchasing.

You must know whether the sales department will require the software that can manage medium to high transactions and complex sales processes. If your sales workflow is simple and you don’t have white-labelling needs, then consider leveraging an eSign solution that can be easily accessed from a mobile or web-based application. This Electronic Signatures tool is quite easy to learn and comes with various features that you need, so you are on board in a snap.

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Hence, if the solution you are purchasing is affordable, meets your needs, and helps your sales department to close more deals quickly, it means you have found the best solution for your company. Now, you must start implementing and setting it up.

Implement the Solution without Any Hassle

Companies switching from paper-based processes save time and money, as well as keeps you up to date with your competitors who are already leveraging digital tools for closing their sales deals.

Electronic signatures

A few easy steps will help you implement the new eSignature solution and get the project off the ground and have agreements signed online as fast as possible.

  • Assign a Solution Owner and Generate Timelines

One of the major reasons why implementation projects exceed budgets or go overtime is usually due to a lack of ownership. Before implementation begins, make sure someone in your department is committed to the ongoing success of the project. This same person should also have a more extensive understanding of the sales process and has some stake in seeing it set up correctly.

The project managers should be responsible for releasing the date of when the sales department will be able to begin using the Electronic Signatures platform.

  • Include End-users in the Setup

If the system allows you to generate the specific workflows you want to automate, then consider including your sales staff when planning. A manager should be involved to speed up current sales workflows, the types of documents and contracts that must be signed, and the workflows needed to acquire those signatures.

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Then ask the sales department what the ideal contract process should be for the whole company. Maybe the sales team wants to incorporate notifications for faster turnaround times, or perhaps their most significant obstacle is the time they spend manually entering data. No matter whatever the end-users needs are, an essential step of implementation is to listen and understand their needs to build the best system.

How to Handle a Roll-out

  • Make the Introduction Simple

Try to avoid overwhelming your sales team with features they may primarily perceive as another unhelpful tool to learn. Instead, make the roll out simpler than ever before. Highlight the key features you feel are relevant for the business strategy directly. Then call out any additional interesting aspects that you know many of your sales staff would find helpful.

  • Always Accept Challenges

Be ready to answer questions, like why customers should trust this new tool. To inspire adoption, you should also ensure that employees feel welcome to express what they think about the solution. Plus, they should also feel open to asking problems. Listen to everybody and address questions in an open platform with the whole team to make sure that there is no resistance or confusion about the software.

  • Encourage, Incorporate and Gather Feedback

Various perspectives from different departments are valuable. Gathering and leveraging feedback to shape your company’s actions inspires employees to adopt the solution. With the electronic signature roll out, you can encourage your sales department to provide candid feedback, so that you stay aware of sentiment, realize weak spots, and seize the benefits of the right opportunities.

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Thus, a successfully rolled-out Electronic Signatures tool like SutiSign is extremely useful and beneficial for your sales team and will help your organization grow into the future.


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