How To Improve Data Quality with Address & Phone Verification Tools

You rely on data every day to carry out the most essential functions of your business. That might include calling customers, sending out inventory, or publishing an email blast to your list of prospective clients. No matter what it is that you’re doing, though, you’re drawing from one of your company’s most vital resources — data. As is the case with any other resource, then, it’s important that you maintain the quality of your data and ensure that it remains usable. This can be difficult when information is constantly in flux the way that customer data often is. People move, change phone numbers, or stop using an email address. Each of these incidents can quickly compromise the quality of your data if you don’t find a solution. Luckily, batch address verification software is a great tool for confirming customer details and maintaining a high-quality data source.

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Confirm Customer Data with Automated Tools

How much information do you keep on file about each of your customers? Their names along with an email address and phone number? What about their street address or employment information? The more information you keep about your customers, the more susceptible you are to graduate quality deterioration. Information needs to be updated and audited regularly in order to remain usable, but many companies don’t have the resources or practical knowledge that’s necessary to do this. What’s the solution, then, for bad customer data?

There are several ways you can address this problem, but one of the most effective is to simply invest in an automated audit application. A phone validation service, for example, can help you confirm ownership of specific phone numbers and ensure that your clients’ contact information is up to date. This is a great resource for companies that rely on phone communication in order to maintain client relationships.

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Gain Robust Insight into Customer Data

Confirming your clients’ contact information is a great way to keep your database clean and ensure that you aren’t wasting effort on out-of-date data. If you really want to get the most out of your client data, though, you can do so much more than verification! A phone validation API can provide even more insight into your customer profiles, offering information such as the carrier of their number, whether it’s a landline or mobile number, and what time zone the number is located in. All of these details can help you gain further insight into your clients and better understand how to serve them.

Similarly, a geocoder service can help you more accurately pinpoint the location of your clientele. If you rely on street address data in order to perform location-based services, you are doing your clients and your business a disservice. The best geocoder can provide precise geographical information about a location based on its latitudinal and longitudinal position. This allows you to be far more efficient and accurate when you are serving clients based on their location.


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