15 Best Android Browsers of 2019!

When browsing the Internet from your mobile, we all have our preferences. Millions of users around the world use Google Chrome, while others opt for Firefox, Opera or any other alternative, including browsers that are natively included in some mobiles. Anyway, there is no better browser than another, but each one stands out in different aspects and that is why choosing the best android browser is an almost impossible task.

What is simple, however, is to select the best android browsers that exist on Google Play, each of them with their pros and cons, but certainly worthy of an opportunity for all those users who have not yet given it. In this article, we select what are, for us, the 11 best web browsers for Android.

The Best Android Browsers

Google Chrome

Google’s browser is the quintessential app for surfing the Internet on Android. Google Chrome browser is still one of the best browsers for Android, in any of its four different versions.

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It has a design that perfectly follows the Material Design design lines and a good number of interesting functionalities. Perhaps its biggest asset compared to other browsers is its synchronization with the Google account and its cross-platform philosophy, which allows you to have tabs, history and bookmarks on several devices simultaneously. The top and trusted mobile app development companies make sure that the product they make are easily available on Google chrome as it is the first preferred choice among other browsers.

Mozilla Firefox

Another of the great classics in terms of Android browsers is Firefox. Mozilla’s open-source platform has been running for Android for years, and only a few months ago it received one of the most important updates in its history, called Firefox Quantum.

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In addition to a renewed design, its greatest strength is privacy and security protection systems. On the other hand, unlike Google Chrome, Firefox offers support for extensions, which allow you to get even more out of this free browser.


And without leaving Mozilla, we find one of the latest creations of the red fox company: Firefox Focus.

It is a great browser focused on privacy and network security since it does not save browsing history. Of course, since it does not have any extra functionality that could affect privacy, it is an application of the simplest, which only allows you to surf the Internet, and nothing else.


One of the last to reach the panorama of browsers on Android is Cake, an application of the most original, which according to its creators will revolutionize the way we surf the Internet from the smartphone.

The big difference with respect to the rest of browsers is their search by gestures. Performing a search, instead of taking us to an infinite list of suggestions like other apps, the browser directly loads the web page that appears first when performing the search on Google –or Bing, depending on the search engine we have chosen -, while, in the background, continues to load the following results in case the first does not meet our needs.
To be able to switch between the different pages, you will have to swipe from left to right.


Launched by Xiaomi at the end of 2018, and one of the last to go through our analysis table, Mint arrives to become one of the best light browsers that exist.

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Among its functions, we find the possibility of activating a dark theme, a mode of saving mobile data and synchronizing bookmarks between devices. In addition, navigation is very fast and the user experience when using the browser is one of the best we have tried recently.

Opera Mini

Not everyone has a high-end phone or an unlimited data rate. That is why Opera Mini exists. It is a very light Android browser, which lacks unnecessary functions and only integrates the essentials. In addition, it has several data saving systems that allow reducing bandwidth consumption when browsing the Internet. And this is the reason why companies wanting to list their product across all browsers including Opera Mini hire android application developers.

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Samsung Internet

Despite not taking too much time on Google Play, Samsung Internet has already become one of the most popular Android browsers in recent years.

The application of the South Korean company, is a browser-based on Google Chrome, with all the features of the large G browser, and interesting additions such as an integrated QR code reader, Amazon price comparator or payments through Samsung Pay And yes, it is compatible with all Android smartphones despite being created by Samsung.

Opera touch

Like the aforementioned Cake, Opera Touch is based on the premise of completely changing the way we surf the Internet using the smartphone. To do this, it bases its operation on a series of gestures and shortcuts accessible with one hand, which undoubtedly turn the browsing experience into something much more fluid.


Those looking to preserve their privacy and keep their sensitive data safe above all should give DuckDuckGo a chance. Like Firefox Focus, it is a browser whose main priority is to ensure user privacy. Even so, as we checked in his analysis, it is a very functional browser that for some could be the perfect substitute for Google Chrome.

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Brave Browser

Brave is an open-source browser based on Chromium, the Google Chrome engine, whose developer is founded by the co-founder of the Mozilla Project and creator of JavaScript.

It is mainly focused on privacy, with tracking and security protection systems, and an optimized experience to reduce data and battery consumption.

In addition, since the disappearance of Link Bubble, Brave Browser incorporates bubble navigation, to access web pages from any application through floating bubbles.

Dolphin browser

Since the beginning of Google’s operating system, Dolphin Browser has been one of the most used browsers by users. Today, while it is true that it has been relegated to the background by the rise of Google Chrome, it is still one of the best.

It has a good number of different functions, including gesture navigation, a download acceleration system, flash playback, add-on support, and much more.


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