Top 5 Free Song Finder Apps for Android

With the arrival of smartphones in our lives, we just wanted to know what song is playing on the radio, television or local. Our mobile can tell us in seconds the title and singer of the song that we are listening thanks to the applications to recognize songs. Here is the list of best song finder apps for android.

There are several applications that allow us to identify songs from our Android devices, and for that reason below we will see a small review of the best that currently exists to download on Google Play.

Best Song Finder Apps for Android


Shazam is the application to identify the best-known songs, and therefore the most downloaded since it was the first to reach our mobile devices. It allows us to identify songs in seconds, follow their lyrics in real-time, buy the songs, listen to the complete songs with Rdio, Spotify, Deezer or Google Play Music, watch videos, biography, discography and upcoming concerts of the artists. But that’s not all, also save our track record, see the latest news and world charts or by locations exploring the map. It has a paid version that eliminates advertising.

Top 5 Free Song Finder Apps for Android


The second most downloaded application to recognize songs is SoundHound, the only one that recognizes songs if we sing or hum them. It boasts of recognizing the songs very quickly, seeing the lyrics in real-time, buying the songs, listening to a preview, watching their videos on YouTube and the status updates of the artists on social networks. We will also have a history and statistics with the most listened to songs, the least broadcast or most shared on Twitter, and see on the map those newly identified by users. It has a paid version that eliminates advertising and will show us links to Wikipedia to get information from the artists.

 Song Finder Apps for Android


The Sony TrackID application, available for all Android devices of any manufacturer, offers us a simple music recognition application that does not offer information about the song and its artist, list of country hits and history.

Top 5 Free Song Finder Apps for Android

Sound Search for Google Play

Sound Search for Google Play is the Google widget to recognize the songs that are for sale in the Play Store, simply showing next to the song access to buy it or listen to a fragment in Google Play. In addition, it will save the recognized songs in its history.

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With the Google application for Android, we can also recognize songs with your voice search by clicking on the microphone and then on the button of the music note that will appear to identify the songs. The application will only show us your card on Google Play, without history. If we want to access the history we must install Sound Search for Google Play that is shared between both applications.


WhoSampled does not allow us to identify the song we are listening to at that moment, but if we already know what song it is we can see if it uses any “sample” of another song, if it has been “sampled” by others, versioned or remixed. A perfect application that will get us out of doubt when we see that the piece or rhythm of a song sounds like we have heard it before in another song.


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