Recover Files from an External Hard Drive Using Disk Drill

Almost everyone has faced such an unpleasant situation as data loss when the information disappeared from an external hard drive. But if you act quickly, you have great chances to recover files from an external hard drive without formatting. Wonder how to do this spending minimum time and effort? Advanced software Disk Drill will help you to recover data from a corrupted SD card and restore information within several clicks. Check how this recovery tool works and how exactly it can help you to get data back.

What Is Disk Drill and How Does It Work?

It’s a program that has been designed for the quick recovery of information. The software is based on the powerful algorithms that help to recover files within minutes. You should make several simple steps to restore hard drive and achieve the desired result. First, you’re recommended to stop using the hard drive where your files were and use another drive. The next step you should make is to connect the external hard drive with the lost files. There are several stages you need to pass to enjoy an effective hard drive recovery.

  1. Download Disk Drill and install the program.
  2. Run the software.
  3. Scan the data.

Detailed Video Guide

It’s impossible to scan a certain fragment of the drive. The program will perform scanning of the whole hard drive as the formatting of files could take place. That’s why you’re recommended to perform the scanning of the whole hard drive and to restore all the files that the program can find. You’ll receive a list of all the findings. Choose those you’d like to restore from the corrupted SD card. The major part of the files that have been found by the program can be recovered successfully. You need to make sure that the files you need are among those that can be restored and get started. The whole process takes minutes. You need to make several clicks. Just choose the files for recovery, the location where they should be recovered, and press the button “Recover”.

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What Makes Disk Drill a Great Choice?

There are many hard drive recovery tools today. What makes Disk Drill one of the most popular ways to get back the lost data? First of all, this program can recover the files, regardless of the reason why they have been lost. It helps to get back information in 99% of cases. It’s very user-friendly and can be used by those who have never faced the unexpected loss of data. The program is intuitive and works fast. You don’t need to spend hours to perform all the necessary operations. All these features make Disk Drill the most effective solution in case of the hard drive corruption. Most users give preference to this hard drive recovery tool due to its high-quality mechanisms that allow enjoying quick and guaranteed recovery.

Don’t Lose Data Anymore with Disk Drill

Want to avoid the data loss? It’s a natural wish. The recovery process with Disk Drill takes minutes but it’s much better to prevent the data loss than spend valuable time and nerves on the recovery process. Pursuing this goal, you can use Recovery Vault. It’s an option that makes it possible to forget about all the worries regarding data loss. This feature helps to protect your files and provides you with a possibility to get back data without any problems even if they disappear suddenly. Do you need to Recover Files from an External Hard Drive Using Disk Drill harad drive? Now, you have a better idea on how to do this using Disk Drill recovery program. It’s a reliable assistant when you lack the time and need to restore data as quickly as possible.

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