Best Mathematical Soft Wares Suitable for College Students

College is undoubtedly a high-pressure time. And this is understandable. From the high costs of getting a college education to this being the last step to your dream career, college is indeed a make or break.

For math students falling behind or trying to improve their performance, it’s important to identify the different resources available specifically to help you learn better.

Traditionally, these started and ended at getting a tutor. Not anymore. Today, there are different soft wares in the market designed to help students study, internalize concepts and, ultimately, perform better.

What are the top mathematical soft wares available today?

Here are 8 topics

1. Microsoft Mathematics

This is a free software offered by Microsoft that assists students in solving complex math problems.

The bulk of these are algebra equations. The usefulness of this tool is that it solves equations step by step

Although it’s especially useful for elementary math, college students can find it helpful in helping them understand and internalize foundational math knowledge.

2. Maxima

This software, developed by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, allows the manipulation of numerical, symbolical expressions, linear equations vectors, matrices, and sets.

This software also uses arbitrary precision integers, exact fractions, and variable precision floating-point numbers.

Maxima works on all POSIX platforms, including Linux, Unix, BSD, and OS X.

3. SpeQ Mathematics

SpeQ is a small, but extensive program that runs over a simple, friendly interface.

Here, students can enter calculations on a sheet, and can edit, add and execute calculations.

Students can access this software from Windows, floppies, and USB disks. It has a wide range of coverage, from simpler calculations to more extensive variable definitions and more complex calculations.

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Aside from students taking math, this software can also be used by engineering students.

4. Cadabra

Cadabra is a symbolic CAS (Computer algebra system) designed to solve complex algebraic problems derived from field theory.

For students who encounter tensor polynomials, this is an excellent software to use.

Cadabra also uses both command line and graphical interface.

5. Geogebra

Geogebra is considered superior and dynamic owing to its ability to cover all mathematics goals. This makes it useful to both rookies and experts.

This resource merges geometry, algebra, graphs spreadsheets, statistics, and calculus in one easy to use platform.

This software can run on Windows, Android, Linux and macOS.
An added benefit or Geogebra is that it comes with a number of interactive teaching and learning tools as well.

Indeed, save for getting a homework doer to help with your algebra, Geogebra is the next best option for students looking to improve their math performance.

6. Math Mechanixs

This is yet another free software designed for students taking physics and advanced mathematics.

Math Mechanixs is more of an editor, allowing students to type their mathematical problems in the same way they would when using pen and paper.

It also offers several multiple document interfaces ensuring one can solve multiple problems simultaneously.

Students can also generate 2 and 3D mathematical diagrams, translating graphs, and label data points.

7. CompliCalc

This software brings together 20 different functional and algebraic calculators.

Learners can compute distance square root, discounts, and factorial. All students need to do is to enter the desired operation and the software takes over the computation.

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Because it’s easy to use and fast, it’s particularly useful for students with a heavy workload who need to get work done faster. The software also comes with a command-based interface with a list of all operations its capable of performing.

8. Photomath

This is a great mathematical soft wares tool that provides not just answers but also explains the solutions and calculation steps in an animated way.

In a sense, this helps students understand and learn to solve mathematical problems on their own, which supports learning.

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