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PDF as a file format has various purposes for their specific needs. File documents are converted into PDF file formats for security and safekeeping. This PDF file format makes each file’s content safe during file transfers and protected against illegal acts of shady and unknown personalities on the web.

Doing things online is undoubtedly risky, especially for those who are a newbie when it comes to computer proficiency. Personalities who make a living by taking advantage of the internet’s holes are more likely to target these newbies for their harmful aims. That is why it is the reason to have an online website for computer processes to protect all users and newbies. 

Splitting PDF files have Never Been This Easy

Since it is imperative to protect all the users while their files are undergoing online processing, PDFBear builds protection layers. PDF files are often split to cut all unnecessary details from the file, and PDFBear has everything you need with its split PDF file feature that can vouch for better service than other websites offering the same.

PDFBear further amplifies its user-friendly appearance for the most fascinating of experiences. It is relatively easy to navigate for all users, even those not proficient in computers. As long as they can read and understand the instructions and the web site’s information, they can split their PDF files. 

It is also free, so you do not have to worry about payment or access and open the website. You can visit it anytime and anywhere you want and do the splitting process while on-the-go. This aspect of the website is one thing that serves as its backbone to attract users and customers worldwide into using the website itself. 

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Do not fear that because of the website’s free aspect, it can be collated with other free online websites that take advantage of their customers and do not bother to make additional barriers to protect all PDF files that have been processed in it. Worst, PDF files are left on their servers even after the process is done. 

Splitting PDF Files: The How-To Guide

PDFBear provides steps that permit the user to process their PDF files faster and more efficiently. Since the website is easy enough to use, the steps are provided for the newbies to enjoy the entire process. Users who are more compute proficiently can start and finish the splitting even without reliance on the guide.

The first step to commence with the process is to upload the PDF file needing the splitting. You can do it by clicking the toolbox where your device’s main folder will pop up, and then you will find and select the PDF file you want to upload or drag it and drop it to the toolbox is also the right choice. 

The system will upload the PDF file and display all the pages on the screen. You can choose the page you want to split from the file by selecting the specific page. After all, click to refine the changes you have made and let the system do the work for you. Wait for the finalization process to finish. That will only take more than a few minutes. 

When all done with the finalization process, your PDF file will be ready for download and displayed by the website. You can choose to download it immediately or upload it on your Drive or Dropbox accounts. 

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The Only Website Featuring Certainties

Here in PDFBear, all the files uploaded will be processed with utmost certainty. The website devotes itself to providing a safe and secured haven for all the users that will visit and choose to split their PDF files using it. It shows how they value their trust and confidence in the website. 

It is mechanized with a privacy policy that forces the systems to remove all files uploaded within its servers after a generated link has been provided every after the splitting process. The website is also accessible through any kind of device as long as you have a stable internet connection. You do not have to install anything. The full process takes place online. 


Splitting PDF files into individual pages or removing some pages from it is a complicated process for many websites and sometimes full of uncertainties because of the online arena. With PDFBear, your safety is assured while all are undergoing the process from the uploading up to downloading the nelly-processed PDF file, and the best thing is, it is all for free. 


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