Choose Best Cross-Platform Mobile Development Framework: React Native VS Xamarin

Over the past few years, we have witnessed a drastic change in the mobile industry. From the involvement of text message applications to a worldwide platform of the messaging application, the mobile application has evolved. Customers are no longer bound to place or time to access products or services. On top of that, with a fast-paced evolution of technology, the mobile app development agency is adopting the concept of cross-platform. (Native VS Xamarin)

What Cross-Platform Mobile Application Development is?

Cross-platform, as the name suggests, is a platform that gives an opportunity to develop an application for several operating systems mainly iOS and Android. The platform generates a single codebase for both the operating system allowing developers to deploy the code easily. There are plenty of reasons for developers to opt for cross platform mobile application development such as:

Cost-cutting – The cross-platform development promotes cross-cutting since it will kill two birds with a stone. It is extremely popular since it has eliminated the need for hiring separate developers for Android and iOS development resulting in labour cost-cutting.

Time-Saving – Another reason that makes mobile app development company opt for cross-platform is saving a lot of time. The platform allows users to reuse the majority of code that eliminates the requirement of writing repetitive code again.

Quality – When it comes to a single code, it becomes easy to check on its quality. It is easy to run test cases and reviewing a single code rather than having a separate code check.

Briefly, cross-platform has decreased the use of resources and energy for the development of mobile applications. However, it requires a framework to work properly and in the desired manner. This sums up the choice to two topmost frameworks – React Native and Xamarin.

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React Native

An open-source framework that is extremely famous among JavaScript developers, React Native, is created by Facebook. It helps in building efficient applications, enhance sustainability, and topnotch quality. The fundamental blocks are the same in React Native as used in iOS and Android. Hence, developers opt for React Native instead of mobile web applications and hybrid applications. Along with this, the codebase in React Native is similar to JavaScript, Kotlin, and Swift.


Microsoft acquired, open-source framework that is famous for cross-platform mobile application development is Xamarin. It is extremely similar to C# making it easy for C# developers to understand it. The Visual Studio development has added up the Xamarin as its interface containing underlying platform SDKs.

React Native Vs Xamarin – Ideal Choice for Mobile App Development Agency

Since the basics of both cross-platform mobile development are clear, let us see what makes them different from one another.


The giant companies usually hire to React Native app development company since it works on JavaScript. This is mainly due to its open-source nature that can be implemented over Android and iOS easily. Whereas Xamarin is not always open-source with the small community. React Native outmatched Xamarin due to its large developer’s community.


The native codes can be used in React Native that allows developers to work on rapid development. There are mainly 60 frames per second in React Native along with a customized UI design framework. Xamarin is a bit different than React Native since it is mainly for high-performance applications. The Xamarin app development company offers enhanced speed and quick execution for mobile applications with Xamarin.

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Popularity and the latest trends are major aspects of selecting an ideal platform for mobile application development. React Native is more popular than Xamarin due to its involvement as a JavaScript framework. Due to this popularity, react-native has a large community than Xamarin that makes it easy for newbies to get in touch with experts through forums.

Market Share

As mentioned above, React Native is extremely popular due to which its demand has gone a notch higher. This has made giants like Walmart, Uber, Bloomberg, Instagram, Vogue, and Facebook adopt for it. Xamarin is extremely popular among SAP, Haliburton, CA mobile, Novarum, Story and Bosch that makes it popular in the market. The community of Xamarin is limited but it is a great platform to debug products and reuse codes.


For any mobile app development company, the major concern is its maintenance in the coming five to ten years. The cross-platform mobile application development offers the benefits of long-run and maturity. React Native is a long-running framework as compared to Xamarin. Hence, it is great to stay abreast of competitors with its impressive library collection and framework-based tools.

Which is better – Native VS Xamarin?

While keeping these major differences in mind, it can be difficult to pick the best out of both. The platforms work to ensure that the cost of development and time is under the set spectrum. Eve the credibility of both the platforms is extremely high that makes it ideal for overall application development. In such a case, it is ideal to hire a mobile app development agency that has years of expertise to choose as per the client requirements.

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